EBF42 – Spring 2024

EBF42 Beer List

Last updated: 28th Mar 2024/Steve

Final beer list [pdf format]

Almasty, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne & Wear (2019)

Oatmeal Stout 4.0%
NEW: Session strength Oatmeal stout, packed with the flavour you’d expect with a gentle roast and the clean and smooth mouthfeel from the Kolsch yeast it’s fermented on.

Ascot/Disruption Is Brewing, Camberley, Surrey (2007)

Last of the Blue Devils #47 Choc, Vanilla & Cherry 8.5%
FESTIVAL SPECIAL: Decadent chocolate, sweet caramel and creamy vanilla flavours with added Cherries. Prepare to be devoured by the darkness and disappear into the beckoning void that waits below.

Tepu 2.8%
NEW: Table Beer liberally hopped with Motueka in the boil and then finished with more Motueka and a little Citra brings some delicious lime and citrus flavours.

Beerblefish, Walthamstow, London E17 (2015)

Cherry Sour 4.4%
Tart amber ale with cherry character from a big addition of puree. Amarillo and Minstrel hops add fruity notes, rounding out the flavour profile. Gluten free.

Hoppy Pale No.25 4.5%
NEW: UK hops Ernest and Godiva, you can expect soft stone fruit and citrus flavours. Gluten free.

Brew York, York, N.Yorkshire (2016)

Make It El Dorado 4.6%
NEW: Single hopped cask series: this time it’s juicy El Dorado hops! Juicy, fruity, and downright delicious.

Buxton, Buxton, Derbyshire (2010)

Nuts & Crosses 4.5%
NEW: A full-bodied milk stout crossed with sinfully rich peanut butter decadence to create a true adventurous palate pleaser.

Chislet, Canterbury, Kent (2023)

Coronation Ale 4.3%
NEW: Traditional British Pale/Golden Ale with the addition of new world hops to bring some gentle grapefruit notes. Hops: EKG and Nelson Sauvin.

Island Road 4.5%
NEW: Medium bodied ale balancing the distinctive citrus hoppy taste with a medium malt body and a small amount of biscuity, caramel notes. Hops: Citra.

Nethergong 5.0%
NEW: Amber-hued ale, boasts a robust malt blend of pale and crystal malts, delivering caramelised sweetness. Balanced with East Kent Goldings hops for moderate to high bitterness, it features a fruity yeast profile and creamy texture, creating a flavourful pint.

Dolomite, Langwith, Derbyshire (2023)

Treat Yo’ Self 4.7%
NEW: West Coast Pale – orange zest and piney resin from West Coast stalwart hops Citra and Simcoe shining through.

Oo-De-Lally 4.9%
NEW: Irish Dry Stout – toffee and Caramel dominate this sessionable stout’s aroma, warming roasted flavour and a balanced bitter, dry aftertaste that quenches the thirst.

Downlands, Small Dole, West Sussex (2012)

Lucid Dream 5.3%
NEW/VEGAN: Collaboration with the Watchmakers Alehouse. Hints of nuts and chocolate from the malt and a sweet rich English hop presence collaborate for the perfect ESB.

Elusive, Finchampstead, Berks (2016)

Starport 4.2%
NEW: Classic dry stout; dark malts, notes of dark chocolate and coffee; smooth & moreish

Coconut Road 5.4%
NEW: Collaboration with Bianca Road. Toasty and sweet stout loaded with coconut chips to bring rich, nutty, tropical flavours.

Fauna, Arundel, W.Sussex (2023)

Tree Planter 3.4%
NEW: A versatile, British session IPA, with Olicana and First Gold hops. Complex bitterness with floral, fruity notes of grapefruit.

Firebrand, Launceston, Cornwall (2008)

Shipwreck Coast 4.0%
NEW: Amber-hued ale that captivates the senses with its enticing blend of malty richness and delicate floral aromas. Crafted to perfection, each sip unveils a symphony of sweetness balanced with a velvety smoothness.

An Howl IPA 4.8%
A radiant golden IPA with vibrant hints of juicy orange and succulent melon, a symphony of citrus flavours that harmonize seamlessly, leading to a dry, zesty finish.

Black Stuff Stout 5.0%
NEW: A classic twist on the style, this 5% stout is bursting with chocolate, liquorice and coffee flavours. The perfect choice for those cold, winter months, Black Stuff is complex with a comforting, malty backbone familiar to any stout lover.

Good Chemistry, Bristol, Avon (2015)

Paradise Valley 4.0%
NEW: Expect big citrus and pineapple notes from this dry hopped hazy pale.

Feelin’ Fyne 5.4%
NEW: Collaboration with Fyne Ales. Hoppy, hazy and super sessionable. Amarillo & Citra to bring flavours of Mandarin and Tangerine. FEELIN’ FYNE has a floral finish and a juicy bitterness that’ll keep you coming back for more!

Hardline, Watford, Herts (2023)

Another Midnight 4.2%
NEW: Prepare your taste buds for a burst of juiciness! An evolution of their Pale Ale, featuring late hop additions and a generous dry hop. Savour the massive aromas of citrus, grapefruit, and passion fruit that harmoniously balance with a touch of bitterness.

On The Verge 5.2%
NEW: Hazy blonde ale a perfect balance of wheat and hops. Citrus and floral aromas, accentuated by a thick mouthfeel for an indulgent experience.

Indie Rabble, Windsor, Berks (2023)

Here You Go John! 3.0%
NEW: Mild – Dark chocolate and roasty notes with a smooth velvety body, subtle toasty bitterness and dark red fruit for the perfect springtime pint.

Kent, Birling, Kent (2010)

Caramel Latte 5.2%
Creamy chocolate mixed with caramel and coffee, thick bodied and deliciously drinkable.

Inmanz Soixante Neuf Peut-Etre 6.9%
FESTIVAL SPECIAL: Hazy hoppy IPA birthday special with Idaho7, Ekuanot, Citra, Mosaic and a dash of El Dorado hops from one of my favourite brewers! Only 2 casks in existence – both at Egham!

Decadence 5.0%
NEW: Double Chocolate stout. An indulgent blend of two chocolates in a rich and moreish, dark stout.

Mysterious, Silchester, Berkshire (2023)

Digital Relic 3.4%
NEW: A smooth, easy-drinking traditional Best Bitter. This deep, copper coloured beer has honey, caramel and toffee notes from the malts, which are beautifully balanced with the fruity and floral British hops.

Cryptic Biscuit 4.5%
NEW: Inspired by a biscuit. Packed with oats for a smooth mouthfeel and very low bitterness. As dark as the night and fit to session. Brewed on a selection of chocolate and roasted malts with biscuit malt and Biscoff biscuits!

Citra Triangle 5.5%
NEW: This single hopped pale ale is hopped 3 ways with Citra. All of those juicy flavours sit on top of a light and malty base of Vienna and Maris Otter.

NorthDown, Margate, Kent (2018)

Bright Island 3.8%
Golden, blonde ale. Awaiting tasting notes.

Tidal Moon 5.8%
Indulgent stout infused with port, brimming with rich dark chocolate and boozy cherry notes and a hint of oak.

Juice Grobbelaar 4.8%
NEW: Smooth & velvety mouthfeel; Citra, Simcoe & Mandarina Bavaria hops creating a burst of tropical, citrus & mandarin flavours.

Only With Love, Blackboys, E. Sussex (2020)

Breezy 3.4%
NEW/VEGAN: US & NZ hops to create a super fruit slider – citrus & grapefruit,sweet, mellow melon finish.

Penzance, Crowlas, Cornwall (2008)

West Coast Pale 4.6%
West Coast style pale with pine and resinous hops.

APA 5.7%
A very smooth, almost creamy, golden beer with a white head. Resinous hops are to the fore with, with juicy/caramel malt offering balance in the excellent body.

Scilly Stout 7.0%
Dark, fruity plum stout with malty richness.

St Ives, Hayle, Cornwall (2011)

Hella 4.2%
A modern American Pale Ale.

Alba 5.2%
IPA Rich in taste with a rugged taste, hopped with Chinook, Cascade, Crystal and Mosaic.

Zennor 5.2%
Decadent oatmeal stout. Brewed with dark malts, oats, wheat and Phoenix hops through the boil. Chocolatey and creamy with a voluptuous mouthfeel. Roasted notes and a touch of sweetness.

Settle, Settle, N.Yorkshire (2013)

Blood Orange IPA 4.8%
Zesty citrus flavour from fresh Blood Oranges balances perfectly with the finest English hops in this outstanding pale ale.

Stay Wild, Shoreham, Kent (2023)

Stollo 4.1%
NEW: Lovely smooth Coffee Milk Stout; first you get coffee then you get a lovely smooth bitter chocolate after taste.

Patty 4.6%
NEW: West Coast IPA. Loaded with citrus, piney resin hop flavours and aromas, perfectly balanced with a subtle malt character, resulting in a crisp brew with a lingering bitterness that is refreshing.

Yeti 4.9%
NEW: Cold IPA. An Extra pale ale fermented at cold lager temperatures to showcase the citrus and tropical hops. The simple pale malt bill results in a clean tasting tropical beer with a bite.

Staggeringly Good, Southsea, Hants (2015)

Velocirapture (2023) 6.5%
NEW: Velocirapture is back, and he’s living on the West Coast – divine bitter, orangey, piney, resinous nectar.

Sunken Knave, Worthing, W. Sussex (2024)

Mumping Ale 6.0%
NEW: Complex Sussex Old Ale that is dark rich malty from a heavy dose of two types of crystal malt with stone fruit notes from the UK Ernest hops.

Three Legs, Broadoak, Rye, E.Sussex (2015)

Mosaic & Cashmere Pale 4.2%
NEW: One-off pale ale with Mosaic and Cashmere hops and a pillowy mouthfeel. Mosaic brings berry, sweet tropical fruit and blossom with Cashmere bringing the zesty pithy bitterness. Unfined and gluten free.

Pale: Harlequin 4.2%
NEW: Hazy pale ale. Full leaf Harlequin hops bring peach, pineapple and passion fruit and masses of oats bring a big mouthfeel. Huge aromas with a complex bitterness. Sessionable and easy but loads going on under the surface. Unfined and gluten free.



Celtic Marches (Herefordshire)

Tutti Frutti 3.4%
SWEET: Exotic cider with cherry and pineapple.

Cockeyed Cider (Devon)

Mad Jack 5.0%
DRY: Refreshing cider with a clean, crisp taste.

Dunkertons (Gloucestershire)

Black Fox 6.0%
MED/DRY: Deliciously rounded – lively tangy finish and light honey hues.

Hunt’s Cider (Devon)

Barn Screecher 6.2%
DRY: Traditional farmhouse cider.

Purbeck Cider (Dorset)

Muddy Scamp 6.9%
MED/DRY: Cloudy, balanced traditional farmhouse cider.

Templar’s Choice (Normandy, France)

Normandy Dry 7.0%
DRY: Extra dry cider which is keeved, pure juice, unfiltered.

Tutt’s Clump (Berkshire)

Mango 4.0%
MED/SWEET: Cider infused with real mango juice.

Black Rat (Somerset)

Perry 6.8%
MED: Traditional farmhouse perry made from locally sourced pears




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