EBF21 – Summer 2015

Thursday 06th to Sunday 09th August

Live Music from 20:30 on Fri and Sat evenings.

  • Thursday: 10:00 – 23:00
  • Friday: 10:00 – 00:00 – JASON STRETCH – better known as the front man for Bad Penny and Double Trouble Experience, the guitar supremo plays a solo set for our festival goers.
  • Saturday: 10:00 – 00:00 – THE JACKIE LYNTON BAND – welcome return visit to the legendary entertainer and his great band!
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 23:00 – FREE ENTRY on SUNDAY!


Last updated: 04th August 2015  / Steve


Aylesbury Brewhouse (ABC), Aylesbury, Bucks (2011)

King of Men 4.1%
Golden ale brewed with American Simcoe & English Fuggle hops for a subtle floral aroma and a soft bitter citrus finish. In greek mythology Agamemnon was the king of Argos and was called “king of men”. He waged war on the city of Troy with the demi god Achilles.

Rohrshach 4.4%
Pale ale brewed using Dr Rudi, a New Zealand grown hop producing fresh citrus, pine and lemongrass flavours, with a bitter citrus finish.

Punk Is Dead 4.8%
A smokey flavoured rose stout with chocolate and coffee notes.

Andwell Brewing, Hook, Hants (2008)

Golden IPA 4.8%
Malt – Pale malt, Caramalt, Torrified wheat. Hops – Northern brewer, Goldings, Calypso, Citra. Aroma – The American aroma hops provide a fruity aroma. Depending on serving, the most prominent aroma is pink grapefruit and lime when straight from the cask or a softer mango and peach when via handpump. Flavour – Citra is a big hitting with notably lime, passion fruit and mango which arrive after dry hopping for one week. Goldings is added before the boil end and lends a spicy, sweetness that extends the mid palate. The American variety Calypso hop delivers softer fruit flavours of peach and pear which gather the citrus acidity and bitterness into a satisfying whole.

King John – Magna Carta 5.2%
King John Magna Carta is a dark amber strong ale brewed to a royal 5.2% abv. Hopped with the cornerstone of so many historic English beers, Goldings and Fuggle, in a tandem with Sovereign and Celeia for a depth of flavour that leans towards barely wine whilst being dangerously drinkable.

Ascot Ales, Camberley, Surrey (2007)

Last of the Blue Devils #23 8.0% (Festival Special)
One-off Imperial Stout with Maple spice – 23rd in a special series to remember the passing of USC member Alan ‘AJ’ Dunton in February 2011.

Ash Valley, (Prince of Wales), Green Tye, Essex (2014)

Pale Rider 4.2%
Refreshing pale ale with citrus flavours coming from Chinook & Citra hops.

Baker’s Dozen Brewing, Ketton, Rutland (2015)

Jentacular 3.5%
Brewed with Extra Pale, Vienna and Wheat malts, and bittered with Cascade, Centennial and Simcoe hops.

Passenger 3.5%
Brewed with Extra Pale, Caragold, Roasted Barley and Wheat malts, and bittered with Magnum, Chinook and Ahtanum hops..

Summertime 4.6%
Brewed with Extra Pale and Wheat malts, and bittered with Magnum, Ella and Summer hops.

Galactic Landlady 4.6%
Brewed with Extra Pale, Caragold and Wheat malts, and bittered with Magnum and Galaxy hops.

Black Cat Brewery, Palehouse Common, East Sussex (2011)

Hopsmack (abv 4.0%)
A golden, citrus style beer based on 100% pale malt and a blend of Cascade, Ahtanum and Amarillo hops.

Nine Tails (abv 4.9%)
A dark beer brewed using a generous blend of pale, crystal & chocolate malts, with two bittering hops, combined with post boil Fuggles to produce an awesome full-bodied flavour.

Brightside Brewing, Radcliffe, Lancs (2011)

Bärensteiner 4.2%
A traditional style wheat beer [Weissbier] made with German wheat beer yeast, malt, and hops which are found in and around the town of Bärenstein, where our grandpa/ dad picked Saaz hops as a youngster.

Amarillo 5.0%
SIBA NW Overall Champion of the Festival 2013 (cask) The broad blend of malts create a complex malt profile to compliment a single hop variety. A dry, light amber coloured beer, liberally hopped without being overwhelmingly bitter.

Topaz 5.0%
Popular hops are in short supply, which has made us seek out new and interesting, experimental and lesser known varieties to brew with. Hence our new range based on the Amarillo recipe but with various different single hops. From the Topaz expect light grassy and resinous aromas with light tropical fruit flavours – many think it’s the Aussie equivalent to Amarillo!

Admiral 5.0%
From the Admiral hops, expect orangey-citrus aromas and a good bitter backbone. Tends slightly towards the herbal side on the palate.

Cats Brewing, Shenington, Warwickshire (2013)

Bombay Stout 4.5%
A smokey flavoured rose stout with chocolate and coffee notes.

Celt Experience, Caerphilly, Mid Glamorgan (2007)

Chieftain Batch III – Chinook 3 4.3%
Hopped with Chinook to 10 IBU

Bleddyn 1075 5.5%
IPA, hopped to 57 IBU.

Goddess of the Spring 6.0%
A rich pink, strawberry, loganberry and raspberry Farmhouse Saison. Sour mashed and aged for weeks with fresh fruit for a crisp and dry finish. Damara, sacred goddess of vitality and growth, inspired new fruit in May.

Crafty Brewing, Loxhill, Dunsfold, Surrey (2015)

Nienna 4.2%
A Refreshing Blend of Exotic Flavours.

Crooked Brook, Copthorne, West Sussex (2015)

Carnival Cascade 4.1%
Pale and hoppy summertime ale, loaded with the classic US hop Cascade. Expect medium intense floral, citrus and grapefruit tones. Dry hopped with more Cascade for a big bouquet.

Downlands, Small Dole, W. Sussex (2012)

Southern Hemisphere Pale Ale 4.8%
We’ve crammed large amounts of three hops from South of the equator – Ella, Galaxy and Motueka – into this perspective changing beer.

PAPA Passionfruit APA 6.1%
Bold hoppy aromas and a bittersweet finish of fresh passionfruit.

Downton Brewery, Downton, Wilts (2003)

Orimental 4.1%
This glorious summer special delivers a fantastically enticing combination of Japanese Sorachi Ace and American Citra hops. Expect to be pleasantly persuaded into a second by the session beer strength and big flavour. Underlying citrus notes and hints of coconut lead to a long dry finish.

Get Carta 4.3%
Commemorating the 800 year anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta, this traditional premium bitter combines toasted malts and fruity, balanced hop flavours. 100% English hops give a grassy, floral aroma, and a fine, 13th century style herbal bitterness is provided by an addition of Yarrow and Juniper berries.

Bogus Buffalo A.P.A 4..8%
A classic American Pale Ale; golden in colour with 5% crystal malt, perfectly flavoured with all American hop varieties. Refreshingly different, with a zesty, pine character throughout.

Gun Brewery, Gun Hill, East Sussex (2015)

Project Babylon 4.6%
A classic American Pale Ale brewed using a combination of very pale malts and American hops. Vibrant, refreshing and zesty on the nose, with citrus notes and a dry finish on the palate. A beer for hop lovers. Unfined, so naturally hazy and vegan.

Scaramanga 3.9%
A refreshing extra pale session ale, brewed using Sussex spring water, extra pale malts and an indecent amount of zesty, floral, oh so delicious hops.

Zamzama 6.5%
India Pale Ale. Steeped in history; forgotten, then rediscovered and reinvigorated by Craft Brewers in America. Ours is a thoroughly modern take, where a rounded malt body meets an avalanche of hops.  Mango, lychee, grapefruit. Love hops? Drink me. Unfined, so naturally hazy and vegan.

Parabellum 4.1%
Dark and delicious, a rich jet black Milk Stout made with a combination of barley, oats, wheat and roasted chocolate malts. The result is a satisfying balance of coffee, vanilla and chocolate notes and a full malt base. One to be savoured

Gun Dog Ales, Daventry, Northants (2012)

Lord Barker 4.2%
Modern day stout with a rich, velvety character and a warming chocolate nose

Gyle 59, Thorncombe, Dorset (2014)

Tropical Thunder 3.7%
Brewed in collaboration with Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens, to celebrate the gardens’ 250th anniversary. We have included a subtle addition of Drimys Lanceolata, a plant grown at the gardens, to give this session ale an unusual twist. Drimys also known as mountain pepper brings a refreshing edge to the beer and a gentle warmth in the aftertaste.

NIPA – Nettle IPA 5.3%
Inspired by the International Nettle Eating Competition held at our local Bottle Inn, Marshwood, we decided to produce a nettle beer. The result is a refreshing IPA where citrus fruits and floral aroma and flavour combine with a hint of nettle and a long bitter finish.

Amarillo & Cardamom Pale 4.0%
The fragrant aroma of cardamom is followed by the flavours of Amarillo hop and Cardamom combining to produce an aromatic and refreshing summer, golden ale with a dry, bitter finish.

Hackney Brewery, London E2 (2010)

New Zealand Pale Ale 4.5%
Brewed with 100% New Zealand Waimea hops, giving an intense citrus and sweet pine flavour, creating the epitome of a NZ Pale Ale.

Harvest, Camberley, Surrey (2015)

Red Rocket Special 6.2%
Ruby red ale made with pale, crystal and black malts with and English garden mix of Challenger, Fuggle and Goldings hops.

Red Dream 10.0%
Sweet strong ale with Pale, Cara, Crystal and black malt. Flavoured with black treacle Goldings and Fuggles hops.

Hopshackle Brewery, Market Deeping, Lincs (2006)

Ballast 3.8%
Golden beer with citrus, passion fruit and pear flavours and a dry finish.

Hoptimists Brewery, Wormley, Surrey (2013)

Glass Half Full 4.0%
Copper coloured Best Bitter using a blend of British and American hops to produce a good session beer with a nice bitter aftertaste but with a pleasant floral hop aroma. New ABV (was 3.8%).

Stress Buster 4.5%
Dark ruby red full bodied ale with a fruity aroma.

Hurst Brewery, Hassocks, West Sussex (2013)

Oldland Sussex Pale Ale 3.7%
Copper pale ale, session beer that doesn’t compromise on flavour or integrity. Made from a rich and complex malt recipe, imbuing a nutty and biscuity depth, over which floats an understated, earthy and spicy hop aroma.

700 Summer Ale 3.9%
Classic, hoppy, blonde ale – the perfect session beer, boasting light floral and herbal notes and a satisfying mouthfeel.

Keeper’s Gold 4.4%
A smooth, burnished golden ale with a buoyant aroma of grapefruit, citrus, and spice. The unmistakeable hoppy notes are finely balanced with a simple, yet effective, malt profile, and a subtle infusion of South Downs honey.

Watchtower 5.5%
Black London Porter with a distinctive, earthy bitterness, created by intensely roasted malted barleys and traditional English hops. Complemented by a warming late-hop profile, characterised by winter spice and resinous wood, all topped-off with a rich, coffee-coloured head which exhibits excellent retention.

Indigenous Brewery, Chaddleworth, West Berks (2014)


Kew Brewery, East Sheen, SW14 (2015)

Pagoda No.1 4.5%
Single hop pale ale made with English Fusion hops.

Pagoda No.2 4.2%
Second in a series of pale ales celebrating English hops, Pagoda No.2 is brewed with masses of UK Cascade hops for a really fruity taste and aroma, with just a little Target for bittering

Kew Green (& Black) 3.7%
Big flavours from this low ABV stout which contains real organic chocolate and lactose. The combination of four malts, oats and wheat with a ‘dry hop’ of cacao nibs further layers the luxuriantly rich bitter-sweet chocolate to this complex, flavourful stout.

Sandycombe 4.4%
Uber-pale golden ale, crisp, hoppy and refreshing with a lingeringbitterness and a big fruit and spice aroma from the Target and Bramling Cross hops.

Richmond 4.2%
A spicy and refreshing beer with a subtle dryness coming from the rye. Gentle bittering allows the rye to shine, with a big English dry-hop aroma.

Botanic 3.8%
Botanic is a deliciously sessionable amber ale: subtle tangerine and peach aromas give way to biscuit and caramel in the body, and a soft, long bitterness.

Loose Cannon, Abingdon, Oxfordshire (2010)

American Pale Ale 4.0%
Brewed with a formulated fusion of American hops with the typical amber colour of the Yanks’ pale ales.

Paradigm Brewery, Sarratt, Herts (2015)

Paradigm – Sarratt Summer Hazy Pale 3.7%
A light summer pale ale with spring malt and really quite a few New Zealand & American hops. Fruity and just a little hazy for lazy days.

Low Hanging Fruit 3.7%
A refreshing pale ale made using spring malt from Suffolk and hops from NZ & the USA. Citrusy flavours with grapefruit dominating and hints of tangerine

Win-Win 4.2%
A complex best bitter made with five malts. Made using UK and US hops giving a subtle bitterness that sneaks up and grabs you.

Park Brewery, Kingston-upon-Thames (2014)

Cadence Pale 3.8%
Pale ale hopped with Polaris and Calypso, so a very mild herbal aroma with apple and pear notes. Refreshing.

Driftway Pale 4.2%
Pale Ale hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic – summer fruits, sweet, good aroma of fresh berries.

Red Cat Brewing, Winchester, Hants (2014)

Nine Tails 3.3%
Nine Tails is brewed in the style of a mild, with a dark chestnut colour. It may be mild, but it has ample soft malty  flavours and a light fruity hop nose with low bitterness.  Very easy to drink but definitely  not boring!

C60 6.0%
Brewed with shed loads of powerful Simcoe hops, this is a modern  IPA with huge flavour. It has heady  aromas  of passion fruit citrus and pine, backed with good old fashioned English pale ale malt and some medium  caramelised malt for extra body. A tiny sprinkle  of roast barley  has given a reddish  hue to this light brown hop monster.

Rusty Prop, Romsey, Hants (2015)

Airhead 4.0%
An American style Session IPA with a twist –  it actually tastes of something! Mango and Passion Fruit aromas and a sunshine yellow colour give way to a sweet and light flavour, with a full dose of hops to finish.

Shiny Brewing, Derby, Derbyshire (2012)

Pail: Chinook Ella 4.0%
From our Pail Series, showcasing the Hops Chinook and Ella

Solar Glare 4.3%
A pale beer infused with ginger.

Cathedral Ale 4.3%
A Classic English Best Bitter brewed in association with Derby
Cathedral to help fund their repairs.

Star Brewing Company, Market Deeping, Lincs (2014)

Astral 4.5%
Ultra pale and packed full of hop flavour from cascade and citra varieties – a real hop monster and exceedingly drinkable!

Thames Side, Staines, Surrey (2015)

White Swan Pale Ale 4.5% (subject to availability)
Brewed with Chinook & Columbus hops

Egyptian Goose India Pale Ale 6.0% (subject to availability)
An old fashioned English IPA but mixes Fuggles, East Kent Goldings, and Cascade hops.

Three Blind Mice, Little Downham, Cambridgeshire (2014)

Table Liquor 2.8%
Don’t let the ABV fool you – this beer packs a big tropical fruit hop punch! Ideal all-day session beer.

Twisted Brewing, Westbury, Wilts (2014)

Rider 4.0%
A double hopped amber ale with a spicy finish, this US hopped beer combines well with a biscuit malt to produce a light, well-balanced ale.

Two Rivers Brewery, Denver, Norfolk (2012)

Porter’s Pride 5.2%
Delicious rich porter with a slight sweetness cutting through the smooth malt. Coffee and chocolate aromas and taste with a liquorive / vanilla finish.

Uprising, Windsor, Berks (2015) cuckoo

Treason 5.8%
West Coast IPA, bronze in colour and with a big hop aroma that gives way to a lingering spicy bitterness. Rarely available in cask!

Windsor & Eton, Windsor, Berks (2010)

Magna Carta 4.0%
Lower gravity version of the 7.2% Barley Wine – which do you prefer?

Magna Carta 7.2%
Rich and warming Barley Wine, enhanced by the use of traditional ancient ingredients including local herbs, Yarrow and Ground Ivy, as well as some Liquorice.




BUTFORD FARM, Herefordshire
Organic Perry 7.1%    Med/Dry  PERRY made with Blakeney Red pears.

Vision in Pink 5.3%    Med    A grown up strawberry fruit CIDER – not too sweet.

Impeared Vision 7.4%    Med    Seriously quaffable, silky smooth PERRY.

Dark Cider the Moon 6.0%    Med    Irresistable blackcurrant CIDER.

NEWTONS, Herefordshire
Gasping Goose 5.8%    Med/Dry Organic CIDER – the perfect summer pint!

RICH’S, Somerset
Cider 6.0%    Med    A very easy drinking CIDER, soft and smooth!

SOUTH DOWNS, East Sussex
Cider 4.9%    Dry This CIDER has an incomparable retention apple flavour.

Autumn Scrumpy 7.5%    Med/Sweet CIDER that is apples, apples and more apples …. and all of them scrumped!!