EBF03 – Summer 2009

The Beer The Brewery ABV %  The Style Notes
 Alfred’s Honey Mild Adkin  3.2 Mild A traditional dark mild ale, with added honey Won Gold at the Reading Beer Festival
Alfreds’s Jaypee’s Stout Adkin 5.0  Stout Award winning
Alfred’s Wantaig Ale Adkin  4.6 Ale New
Alfred’s Elswith’s Ale Adkin  4.0  Ale New
Alfred’s Jewl Adkin  4 Pale Ale A pale staw-coloured tasty bitter with a hoppy after taste.
Happy Art Brew 4.9 Brand New, details to follow shortly
Happy Fruit Art Brew 4.9 Brand New, details to follow shortly
Monkey IPA Art Brew 6.4 Brand New, details to follow shortly
Spanked Monkey Art Brew 6.4 Monkey I.P.A with the addition of fresh ginger and chilli to the cask
 Anastasia’s Imperial Stout Ascot Ales 8 Stout The stout is packed with chocolate and roasted coffee flavours, with a slight sherry like aroma. Further bittered to balance the sweetness of the malts, the beer has a unique hoppy aroma with orange, pine and resin flavours noticeable. The mouth feel of the beer is further enhanced with a silky smooth finish.
Midsummer Madness Best Mates 3.9 Blonde Summer Ale New – A cool refreshing summer ale.  Perfect for cooling you down on a hot day.
Premium Battle Down 4.6 Summer Ale A rich amber ale, fine malty aroma and taste with a deep satisfying full bodied fruit and malt texture leaving a well rounded mellow aftertaste.
Special Battle Down 5.2 Pale Ale A well balanced and crisp pale ale. Triple hopped and brewed in the original India Pale Ale tradition.
Sunbeam Battle Down 4 Larger Ale A California Common – (aka. American ‘Steam Beer’) Golden tasty ale brewed in the American Gold-Rush way, using lager yeast and Northern Brewer hops and no ice.
Satans Sister Best Mates 4.5 Summer Ale A very easy drinking flavoursome bitter, with a reddish hue and enticingly sweet and hoppy taste.
Vicars Daughter Best Mates 3.7 Session Bitter A tasty and light refreshing session bitter, packed with mild hoppy flavours with a citrus after taste.
Old School Bewdley 3.8 Traditional English Ale Pale amber colour. Worcs Goldings & Fuggles Hops. Traditional English Ale with a hoppy finish.
Senior School Bewdley 4.1 Summer Ale Pale copper colour. Worcs. Goldings & Fuggles Hops.  Sweeter Maltier beer with just a slight hoppy finish.
Worcestershire Way Bewdley 3.6 Session Beer Pale straw colour, First Gold & Celeia Hops. Very refreshing session beer with slight citrus aftertones.
Apricot Harvest Cotswold Sping 4.7 Summer Ale A light amber ale, flavoured with Amarillo hops and fresh apricots.
Emerald Festival 4 Summer Ale Fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours. A background of sweet malt and a hoppy’ grapefruit’ bitter finish.
Pride Festival 4.1 Summer Ale Classic English best bitter using German Northern Brewer and Willamette hops; giving a hint of berry with a fruity and herbal aroma.
Old Lech Halfpenny Brewery    4.5 A traditional premium strength ale Well-balanced and full bodied, this refreshing and palatable drink is a fine example of the art of brewing and one to be savoured.
 Ha’penny Ale Halfpenny Brewery  4 Flagship ale A palatable amber ale, full of flavour.
Thames Tickler Halfpenny Brewery 4 Session Ale A very pleasant session ale, easy to drink full of subtle characters and light on the tongue, with no dominating flavour.
 Started Havant 4 Ale This very moorish 4% session ale has a burnished copper colour. The taste is fresh and zingy with a strong malt overtone. The hops are Admiral for bitterness and Perle and Cascade for aroma. Pale, Crystal and Amber malts give a depth to the beer. This beer is complementary to food and nice to just drink and share with friends.
 Finished  Havant 5  Ale This is a special bitter at 5%. The colour is that of conkers. The taste is of coffee and caramel derived from a complex malt profile of Pale, Chocolate, Crystal and Amber. Plus added Mollases. This complex profile is offset by a balanced bitterness drawn from Admiral hops for the bitterness and Fuggles and Goldings for aroma. Finished is an ale to be considered and enjoyed like reading the Sunday papers in a wing back leather chair.
 Stopped Dancing  Havant 4.4 Summer Ale This is a Golden summer ale at 4.4%, light in character. This is a hoppy ale with fresh cut grass and hedgerow qualities, leaving a nice dry after taste that invites you to take the next mouthful. The malt profile is simple but not bland, furnishing the hops with the right stage for a stella performance.
Dropped  Havant 3.8 Irish Red Style New & exclusive – To be confirmed
Hung Drawn & Portered North Cotswold 5 Porter Strong dark treacle porter with well balanced taste of Bramling Cross hops.
Bucking Fastard Northumberland 4 Session Ale A refreshing floral hoppy session ale that has a surprising kick.
Hill Climb Prescott Golden pale ale Thirst-quenching
Track Record Prescott 4.4 Best Bitter Full-bodied flavour
Severn Springs Severn Vale 4.4 TBC
Summer Breeze Stroud Brewery 3.6 Summer Ale A crisp summer beer with rye malt and zesty character
Special FX Waylands 4.8 Dark Ale A traditional dark and full flavoured ale, with rich chocolate and roast barley notes, slight fruit and a clean bitter sweet finish.
Waylands Weizen Waylands 4.5 Wheat Beer New & exclusive, Anglo German Wheat Beer.
Ciders & Perrys
Rum Barrel Barbourne 7.5 This smooth meduim cider is made form a blend of Lavignee and vilberie apples and has been fermented in fresh Rum Barrel for additional strength and flavour.
Meduim Dry Barkers 6.3 Real cider from Hallow, Worcester
Perry Barkers 6 Real cider from Hallow, Worcester
Medium Dry Sarahs 6 Real cider from Bosbury, Herefordshire
Dry Malvern Magic 6.5 Real cider from Ledbury, Herefordshire


Saturday afternoon

A very popular local band called “The Larks” they have a great range of music.

Saturday night we have a fantasic cover band on called “Leech”

LEECH predominately play covers, from REM, BEATLES, NIRVANA, THE WHO, GREEN DAY , so all types of music genres are covered so that everyone can enjoy the music and no one feels left out, however LEECH occasionally perform a few original LEECH songs which are always applauded as there is something very distinctive and catchy about them! 2004 was a fantastic year for LEECH having played over 60 gigs in the London area and a six-night stint in Nice , France ! 2005 is set to be more of a success than last year with more gigs in the UK and abroad and for the first time a full studio album of original material!

see the Leech website here.

Sunday afternoon a relaxing afternoon with Harri’s Jazz

Harriet Coleman started her singing career in New York with bands all over the state from the clubs in Greenwich Village to the Catskill resorts. Since coming to the UK she has sung with the London Philharmonic Choir at the Albert Hall under the direction of Daniel Barenboim , and featured numerous times at the famous Pizza on the Park in London. She has sung with many of the jazz greats including Dick Morrissey, Bill Le Sage, Jimmy Hastings, Vic Ash, John Pearce, John Horler, John Critchinson, Ronnie Ross, Ralph Dollimore, Derek Nash, Dave Green, Pete Morgan, Ron Drake, Campbell Burnap, Terry Jenkins to name but a few, and has appeared at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival with Vagn Brandrup’s jazz band with a guest performer from the Copenhagen Radio Big Band which was recorded for Copenhagen Radio station. Harriet has been invited back for the 3rd time to perform at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in July ’05.

Harriet has run her own world famous jazz club called Harri’s Jazz (previously Shepperton Jazz Club) for 23 years. She held a residency for 13 years at Hamilton’s in St. Margarets where she performed for regulars such as Greg Dyke (ex-head of BBC television), our top sportsmen Sebastian Coe, Steve Davis, Brian Moore, and performed for the production party of “A Fish Called Wanda” for John Cleese & Jamie Lee Curtis etc.

see Harri’s web site for more details