EBF06 – Summer 2010

Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd August

Saturday night FREE after 8pm, live music from SKETCH


SKETCH are a four piece band playing rock & pop covers from the 60’s through to todays music. The Sets include songs by The Beatles. Stones, Roy Orbison, Shadows, The Jam, Razorlight,Snow Patrol, Motown, etc

Meet the Brewer

You will also be able to meet some of the crew from the Windsor & Eton Brewery at numerous times during the festival.
Rebecca from Hensting Brewery will also be making an appearance at the festival on Sunday.

Beer Engines

The club is struggling with the five real ale hand pulls so we have had two more fitted ready for this festival.

The Menu

Ascot Ales – LocAle (website)

Anastasia Imperial Stout – 8.0% ABV – This limited edition ‘Imperial’ version of their award winning stout pours deeply black with a tan head. It has aromas of roasted coffee, alcohol & chocolate.
Triple Trouble – 7.0% ABV – Belgian Triple style strong ale – New

Beowulf Brewery (website)

Dragon Smoke Stout – 4.7% ABV – A really bitter and black. Dark malts and roasted barley combine to produce smouldering “chocolate” flavour followed by a mouth embracing bitterness.

Blackaddler Brewing – LocAle

Old Nookie – 4.2% ABV – Bitter New & Exclusive
Lemme Oat! – 5.0% ABV – Oatmeal Stout New & Exclusive

Dark Star Brewing (website)

Paradise Weiss – 5.0% ABV – A naturally hazy beer brewed using German malted wheat in addition to barley malts.
Dark Star Triple – 8.5% ABV – A Strong golden ale fermented three times, initially with a fermenting Belgian yeast strain and with the addition of candy sugar.
Hophead – 3.8% ABV – Pale ale, strong floral aroma and elderflower.
Over the moon – 3.8% ABV – Traditional dark mild ale, fully hopped and very quaffable.

Flowerpots Brewery (website)

Whistle Blower 5.0% ABV – designed and brewed by Julie Jones who has just passed her final test to become a driver on the Watercress railway line (she has worked as a fireman on the line for a few years).  That makes her one of the few qualified lady train drivers in the UK. New
Cheriton Porter 4.2% ABV – Dark brown/black with a creamy coffee aroma, a hint of sweetness in the mouth along with roasted chocolate maltiness, and a dry finish. Award Winning.

Flack Manor Brewery (website) (New Brewery)

Flack’s Double Drop – 3.7% ABV – IPA

Havant Brewery (website)

Washed – 4.2% ABV – An easy going smooth nutty sweet southern brown. New
Dropped – 3.8% ABV – A classic Irish / American red style Ale made using genuine American stout yeast to give a clean, crisp, dry and fruity taste. Copper red in colour.

Hensting Brewery (website) (New Brewery)

Winchester Gallon – 4.3% ABV – Brown hoppy bitter.
Winchester Pale – 4.6% ABV – Hoppy pale ale made with pale malt with a little lager malt and Styrian Goldings.
Winchester Porter – 4.4% ABV – Toasty porter.
Winchester Mild – 3.8% ABV – IPA not available due to an accident in the brewery, mild details to follow.

Kissingate Brewery (website) (New Brewery)

Old Tale – 4.5% ABV – Porter.
Moon- 4.8% ABV – Summer Ale.
First Kiss – 5.1% ABV – Golden Ale.
Warlock – 5.2% ABV – Strong Ale.
Mary’s Ruby Mild – 6.5% ABV – Mild.

Mill Green Brewery (website)

Mawkin Mild – 2.9% ABV – A Traditional dark Suffolk Mild.
Hedgerow Porter – 5.4% ABV
– Strong Porter.
The Good Ship Arbella – 5.4% ABV – A pale hoppy American style beer.
Lifesaver – 4.2% ABV – A deep golden bitter, malty with a fruity finish. – Condemed

Old Dairy Brewery (website) (New Brewery)

Blue Top – 4.8% ABV – IPA. New
Hop Top – 8.5% ABV – American style double IPA, pale, strong, bitter and lots of citrusy hops. – ! New and Exclusive !
Sun Top3.6% ABV – Refreshing, sunny & comforting, not too alcoholic so ideal for a summers day.

Pitstop Brewery (website)

Celebration – 6.0% ABV – Belgian Chocolate Stout, produced especially to celebrate Richard & Julie Griffin’s 10th wedding anniversary, this is a one off and will not be reproduced again due to the cost, two firkins only. – ! New and Exclusive !
Indianapolis – 5.5% ABV – A slightly hazy American IPA brewed with Belgian yeast for extra flavour and depth.
Griffin – 5.5% ABV – An intensely hoppy copper-coloured strong bitter with a powerful fruity aftertaste. New
Sump – 7.0% ABV – A festival favorite, This multi-award winning Imperial stout bursts with intense flavours and is a joy to drink.
Hop – 8.0% ABV – (projected to be 500 EBU’s) The world’s bitterest bitter as recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Details

Rectory Ales (Beermad entry)

Rector’s Dark Ale – 5.2% ABV – New
Rector’s Indian Summer Ale – 4.8% ABV – New golden ale.

Rebellion Beer Co – LocAle (website)

Deflation – 4.2% ABV – Red & Malty. New
IPA – 3.7% ABV – A copper coloured, easy drinking beer, with considerable depth and complexity. A well balanced malt & fruit flavour continues to a long, refreshing & crisp finish
Mild – 3.5% ABV – Very Moorish mild, rarely seen.

Triple fff Brewery (website)

The Bitter End – 3.4% – We rose to the challenge of getting bags of flavour into a low gravity beer. Deep amber with a red hue and an insane amount of Styrian Golding hops in this quaffing ale both on the nose and on the palate; fruity and full, bitter yet sweet. New
Midnight Rambler – 3.9% ABV – An old fashioned milk stout based on an original 1930’s recipe

Upham Brewey (website) (New Brewery)

Upham Nectar – 3.8% ABV – Golden colour. New
Upham Ale – 4.0% ABV – Mid colour hoppy finish. New
Stakes Ale – 4.6% ABV – Mid colour stronger beer. New

Vale Brewery (website)

Black Beauty Porter – 4.3% ABV – Dark beautiful porter
Black Swan Mild – 3.9% ABV – Very dark smooth mild
Scruffs Gold – 4.3% ABV – A golden brew with Northdown and Chinook hops, offering a fresh grassy zesty summer aroma. New

Waylands Sixpenny Brewery (website)

6D Special – 5.0% ABV – A characterful , traditional strong best bitter. Rich and full bodied with a rounded malt flavour and a satisfying long finish.
6D Best – 4.0% ABV – Their flagship session ale. A well balanced and moreish ale, with a good rounded malt flavour that leads to a bitter finish.

Wharfebank Brewery (website) New Brewery

Tykes Tipple – 3.7% ABV – Seasonal Special for Yorkshire Day – New
Slingers – 3.9% ABV – Golden ale – New
Tether Blonde – 4.1% ABV – Blonde ale – New – Damaged during delivery!
Camfell Flame – 4.4% ABV – Red Beer – New

Whitstable Brewery (website)

Renaissance Mild 3.8% ABV – New mild. New
Oyster Stout 4.5% ABV – Rich, dry, chocolate and mocha flavours. This is great chilled and served with oysters.

Windsor & Eton – LocAle (website) (New Brewery)

Guardsman – 4.2% ABV – Best bitter, copper coloured.
Knight of the Garter – 3.8% ABV
– Straw coloured golden ale.

Windsor & Eton Brewery

 Ciders & Perries

Mr Whiteheads Cider Company (website)

Boxing Dog – 7.5% ABV – medium. Our renowned strong cider made from COX, RUSSET, WORCESTER PEARMAIN.
The Devil’s Device- 8.4% ABV – Strong Cider…Quite Clear and Golden in colour with a full bodied smell, the first taste quickly reveals the nutty, earthy flavours so well associated with the russet apple, which is dominant in this cider.
Strawberry cider – 4.0% ABV – The colour from the strawberries gives this special (unique) cider a light pink hue, with a medium to sweet taste.
Raspberry cider – 4.0% ABV – The colour from the raspberries gives this special (unique) cider a light pink hue, with a medium to sweet taste.
Blackberry cider – 4.0% ABV – Made in the same way as their strawberry & raspberry cider, by adding fresh blackberries to the fermented drink, allowing them to infuse for a couple of weeks, before lightly pressing the rest of their juice out. The colour from the added fruits gives this special (unique) cider a nice maroon colour
Ida Red 4.0% ABV – With a splendid light straw colour, this clearish cider has a pleasant strong nose. The initial smell is almost whiskey like, but on tasting this soon develops into a Medium fruity flavour. The light fermentation sees the bubbles fade quickly after pouring to give short lasting buttery sensations in/the mouth.
Special limited edition 5.0% ABV – single variety perry made from ‘Blakney Red’ pears.- Not yet delivered
Midnight Special – 5.0% ABV – Perry.
Short Week cider 12.0% ABV – Special strong cider, very drinkerable, but be warned!

Salt Hill Cider (website)

Glastonbury Gold – 6.7% ABV
Regular – 6.5% ABV

Millwhites Cider (website)

Apples & Pears – 5.0% ABV
Rum Matured Cider – 7.5% ABV
Whisky Matured Cider – 7.5% ABV

Downloadable flyer

Spikes British thought for the day:

A recent study conducted by Oxford University found that the average Briton walks about 900 miles a year.
Another study by the British Medical Association found that Britons drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year!!
This means, on average, Britons get about 41 miles to the gallon.

Kind of makes you proud to be British doesn’t it!