EBF04 – Winter 2009

Friday 27th, Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th November 2009

Entrance fees: CAMRA members £1.00, Guests £3.00, club members free.

Saturday entertainment: Strange Brew

Strange Brew

Rockin’ blues with a touch of soul…….

We are also showing the new “Beertickers beyond the ale” documentory at various times through-out the event.

Beer Tickers

Buy your copy from www.beertickersfilm.com

Brewery Ale ABV Style Notes
1648 Brew Master
Golden Ale A new brew to replace Original, same ABV but a completely different taste.
Andwell Ruddy Darter
Ruby Ale Rich ruby ale with a fruity aroma
Artbrew Born in a barn
Dark Christmas Ale Very dark and spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and all spice.
Artbrew GHB
Golden Ale Green hopped light and refreshing golden beer.
Artbrew Hip Hop Green Bullet
Golden Ale A very hoppy single hop golden beer featuring New Zealand Green Bullet.
Artbrew Renaissance
Best Bitter New best bitter.
Ascot Ales Winter Reserve
Dark Spriced This is a perfect Winter warmer with lightly spiced aromas of cinnamon, coriander and ginger. The palate is full, with a pleasant spicing coming through. Very smooth and drinkable.
Blackaddler EUSC Mild
Mild Excelusive mild.
Blackaddler Oh Mr Porter !
Porter Exclusive strong porter.
Halfpenny Brewery Autumn Ale
Session Ale A straw coloured ale to bring the harvest home.
Hammerpot Brewery Bottle Wrecked Porter
Premium Sussex Ale Award winning porter.
Havant Brewery Started
Moorish session ale Has a burnished copper colour. The taste is fresh and zingy with a strong malt overtone.     The hops are Admiral for bitterness and Perle and Cascade for aroma. Pale, Crystal and Amber malts give a depth to the   ale. This ale is complementary to food and nice to just drink and share with friends.
Havant Brewery Stopped Dancing
Bitter This is a Golden summer ale at 4.4%, light in character. This is a hoppy ale with fresh cut grass and hedgerow qualities, leaving a nice dry after taste that invites you to take the next mouthful. The malt profile is simple but not bland, furnishing the hops with the right stage for a stella performance.
Havant Brewery Unwrapped
Christmas Ale Exclusive: try it first here, Christmas in a glass.
Lymestone Brewery Stone Cutter
Bitter From the very first draught, this pale hoppy ale will slake your thirst. A fusion of Maris Otter malts and Pilot and Fuggles hops explode on the palate as biscuit and juicy fruit flavours give way to citrus and berry hops, good hop aroma and hoppy after taste.
Lymestone Brewery Stone Faced
Bitter May Day is a cause for celebration the world over although you wouldn’t think it to look at the Stone Faced politicians at Moscow’s Red Square parade. A glass or two of this fabulous copper coloured ale should see a thaw in relations and could bring a smile to the face of many a bitter rival. Pale and Dark Crystal Maris Otter malts unite to embrace a motherland of chewy toffee while fruits and berry flavours rush in. Styrian Goldings from the East and Nugget Hops from the West are allied in perfect harmony as pine and citrus hop flavours caress the taste buds.
Lymestone Brewery Foundation Stone
Bitter A glorious golden pale ale crafted from the finest pale and crystal malts. Faint biscuit and chewy, juicy citrus fruits burst onto the palate then spicy Boadicea and Pilot hops pepper the taste buds leaving a pleasing long and dry bitter finish.
Lymestone Brewery Ein Stein
German hopped bitter his lingering combination of pale Maris Otter malts and choice German hops may make you pause for thought. As you contemplate the gentle biscuit malts, fresh Hersbrucker hops seduce the taste buds educating and enlightening the palate.
Lymestone Brewery Stone The Crows
A rich red to black bitter Carefully crafted from the finest crystal and chocolate malts. Chewy juicy fruit flavours give way to a deep lingering bitterness provided by an abundance of Styrian Goldings, Millenium and Nugget hops.
Magpie Brewery Midnight Porter
Porter Dark Porter
Mill Green Brewery Mawkin Mild
Mild A Traditional dark Suffolk Mild packed full of flavour, the name derived from the old Suffolk term for scarecrow to remember the Suffolk farm labourers whose staple diet consisted of; Mild for hundreds of years.
Mill Green Brewery Hedgerow Porter
Porter Dark flavoursome porter.
Pitstop Brewery Podium Porter
Porter Exclusive: Black Cherry Porter.
Pitstop Brewery Star
Bitter Golden Ale
Pitstop Brewery Jenson Joy
Pale Ale Pale Ale
Pitstop Brewery Pole Position
Bitter Traditional Bitter
Pitstop Brewery Lapland
Barley Wine Exclusive: Christmas Special.
Pitstop Brewery Grand Prix
Bitter Bitter
Pitstop Brewery Monaco
IPA Copper Coloured IPA
Sadler Ales Stumbling Badger
Bitter Deep amber in colour, full of flavour and aroma to balance it’s healthy strength.
Sadler Ales Mild Ale
Mild A traditional Black Country Mild, with hints of chocolate. A long dry finish complements the gentle aroma of the Goldings hops.
Sambrooks Junction
Premium Ale Junction Ale is a strong 4.5 ABV premium ale. Brewed with Challenger, Bramling X and Goldings hops, the beer has a deep amber colour with a spicy hop character.
Sarah Hughes Brewery Amber
Bitter A well balanced straw coloured bitter which is initially sweet but with a hoppy aftertaste close behind. Makes this a good session beer.
Sarah Hughes Brewery Ruby Mild
Mild Dark ruby coloured ale with a complex balance of fruit and hops, leading to a pleasant lingering hops and malt finish an award winning festival favourite.
Sarah Hughes Brewery Surprise
Golden Ale A Golden premium ale brewed with Maris Otter and happed with goldings to give the beer a hoppy bitter taste with a malty body and sweet finish. A “True Bitter”.
Spitting Feathers Autumn Smoked Ale
Smoked bitter Brewed using barley that has been smoked over oak chippings, by the brewers, to produce a brown beer with a distinctive smokey flavour.
Spitting Feathers Farmhouse
Bitter A mid-brown session bitter. Traditional English malts and hops combine to make this a well balanced and satisfying beer.
Spitting Feathers Thirstquencher
Pale Beer A fine light pale beer. Lots of late hop leads to a clean, crisp finish.
Spitting Feathers Special Ale
Bitter A malty, chestnut brown beer. The full malt taste balances well with hop bitterness and fruit flavours.
Spitting Feathers Old Wavertonian
Award winning stout A robust dark stout. Roast barley, chocolate and coffee flavours give a very full body and a smooth lingering finish. “Silver Medal Winner – National Winter Ales Festival 2008 – Stouts.”
Spitting Feathers Basket Case
Ruby Ale A dark ruby strong ale, rich and fruity full flavour with a smooth finish.
St Georges Brewery Worcester Sauce
Bitter Golden Bitter
St Georges Brewery St George is Best
A light session ale Brewed with locally grown Golding hops, to give a sweet delicate taste.
St Georges Brewery Ascalon
New bitter We have the first cask from the whole brew, the cask was filled whilst we were there.
Tryst Brewery Brockville Pale
Golden session ale Combinations of three hop varieties with pale malts.
Tryst Brewery Drover 80/-
Traditional Ale A traditional 80/- recipe with a distinctive hoppy finish.
Two Bridges Brewery Golden Cygnet
Golden Ale Golden Cygnet seems appropriate for the first real ale that Two Bridges Brewery produces. It will be golden in colour, light and fresh in taste with a hoppy flavour.
Two Bridges Brewery Midnight Swan
New mild Midnight Swan is their special edition “Winter Warmer Christmas Ale”. Deep in colour with rich cinnamon and orange undertones. A real taste of Christmas.
Waylands Harehill
Bitter Golden Bitter
Waylands Trotters Tipple
Honey Porter Final cask of this one off special, brewed for the 2009 Ascot Racecourse Beer Festival.


Producer Cider ABV% Style
Mr Whiteheads Cider Newtons Discovery 3.8 Dry – quaffing cider
Mr Whiteheads Cider Blackberry Cider 4.0 Meduim
Mr Whiteheads Cider Bramley 6.1 Dry -2009 Vintage
Mr Whiteheads Cider Katy 5.4 Med/Dry -2009 Vintage
Mr Whiteheads Cider Dry Russet 8.4 Dry – 2008 Vintage
Mr Whiteheads Cider Devils Device 8.4 Dry – Strong cider
Mr Whiteheads Cider Short Week Cider 11.0 Special super stength cider
Mr Whiteheads Cider Strawberry Cider 4.2 Strawberry flavoured cider
Mr Whiteheads Cider Midnight Special 5.0 A unique blend of fresh desert and perry pears, no additives.
Millwhites Rum Matured 6.5 Aged in rum barrels.
Millwhites Yarlington Mill 6.5 Med/Dry – Organic single variety
Borrow Hills Farmhouse 6.5 Dry – Traditional farmhouse cider.