EBF11 – Spring 2012

EBF11 – Spring 2012

Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th April 2012

Friday Night – RYMATONES – 50s and 60s Rockabilly
Saturday Night – PAPA GEORGE & MICKY MOODY – excellent guitarist Micky Moody (ex Whitesnake) joins Papa George for a night of rocking Rhythm & Blues.

Special members only preview on Wednesday 4th from 6pm.

The REAL ALE list is complete but still subject to minor last minute changes.

Download your own copy.

Ascot Ales – Camberley, Surrey (2007)

  • Single Hop Brambling Cross – 4.6% – *New* –  Single hop light copper IPA (March special).
  • Single Hop Bobek – 4.6% – *New* –  Single hop light copper IPA (April special).
  • Emperor Penguin (Aged)- 7.0% –  *Limited edition* Aged in cask.
  • Strong Winter Reserve – 7.0% –  *Limited edition* Aged in cask.
  • Last Of The Blue Devils – 8.0% – *Special* Chocolate & Mint Stout
  • Last Of The Blue Devils – 8.0% – *Special* – Blueberry Stout

(the 7th and 8th special brews to commemorate the passing of club member `AJ’ in this exclusive series of “Last of the Blue Devils” stouts).

Aylesbury Brewhouse Company – Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire (2011)

  • Runout Groove – 4.1% – Single Hop Challenger – specially dry-hopped for EBF
  • H202 – 4.1% –  Blonde ale – pale hoppy and sharp.
  • Weigh Anchor – 4.1% –  *New* Ale based on a California steam beer.
  • Black Path Stout – 5.0% –  *New* stout with well-roasted notes.

Betjeman Brewery – The Shoulder of Mutton, Wantage, Oxfordshire (2011) (Cuckoo Brewed at Loddon)

  • Star – 3.8%

Bingham, Ruscombe, Berks (2010)

  • Back in Thyme Stout – 5.0% –  *New* Stout with thyme produces a mellow, easy drinking dark beer.
  • Hot Dog Stout – 5.0% –  *Special* Doodle stout infused with root ginger and a warming chilli kick.

Canterbury Brewers – Kent (2011)

  • Helles – 4.1% – A delicate, pale helles lager, clean pills-malt flavour with a spicy german noble hop aroma. A, full flavoured, traditional craft lager that is unfiltered and unpasturised.”
  • Kobald Black Lager – 5.0% – This Black lager mixes continental heritage with adventurous new world spirit. This is a flavourful beer style with a fine balance of smooth and dark malts and crisp hop finish
  • Loco IPA – 3.9% -American Style IPA but at session strength, Tongue ripper Hoppy.
  • Red Rye – 5.6% – With a reddish-golden colour, the spice from the rye malt and the citra, centennial and chinook hops, this is a stage for us to show case some of our favourite hops and malts. A craft beer that delivers more than just an explosion of hops.
  • Foundry Bock – 6.5% – Dark, malty and smooth German bock brewed according to German brewing tradition, with an original gravity of 1064. Brewed with Northern Brewer and Hallertuaer (Mittlefruh) hops and balanced by the sweet nutty crystal malt and the drier, crisper Munich and Vienna malts.
  • Hoppin’ Belgian IPA – 7.2% – Inspired by the American India Pale Ale (IPA) and Double IPA this is an extremely hoppy and pallid ale. Brewed with Magnum and Citra hops and dry-hopped with New Zealand Motueka, giving our interpretation of this beer style a fresh, fruity and grassy hop flavour which combines beautifully with a Belgian yeast developed by us, especially for this brew.
  • Wee Heavy – 7.9% – Wee Heavy showcases complex toffee, caramel and smokey-biscuit notes and a restrained hopping, with no aroma hops added, lets through a smooth, rounded malty beast of a beer. Best imbibed in small doses, this extra special beer has been matured for over three months; mellowing the hearty molasses and caramel flavours that come from the best maris otter, crystal, biscuit and roast malts.

Emsworth Brewery – Emsworth, Hants (Dec 2011)

  • Hollybank – 3.1% –  *New* Classic mild ale with smokiness and touches of liquorice and chocolate.
  • Fairfield – 4.1% – *New* Refreshingly hoppy amber ale named after a long-gone Emsworth pub.
  • Chequers – 3.1% – *New*  Surprisingly complex copper session ale at this strength.

Hastings Brewery – St Leonards on Sea (2010)

  • Hastings Blonde – 3.9%
  • Hastings Best – 4.1%
  • Hastings HPA – 4.7%
  • Hastings Porter – 4.5%
  • Hasting Old – 4.5% – (Exploded in cellar)

Havant Brewery – Cowplain, Hampshire (2009)

  • Spring Thyme – 3.6% –  *Limited edition* Light citrus golden ale with elderflower & thyme.
  • Sugar & Spice – 4.5% –  *Limited edition* Wheat beer with fresh ginger & rhubarb.

Hop Fuzz, Hythe, Kent (2011)

  • The English – 4.0% – *New* Amber well rounded malty ale, with the bulk of its flavour coming from the use of Munich malts blended into its recipe.
  • The American – 4.0% – *Special* A blend of American hops and sweet malts that create a hoppy, zesty flavour. Light in colour with a medium body. Hints of melon notes with a slightly herbal cone pine aroma!

Kent Brewery – Birling, Kent (2011)

  • Egham Session – 3.7% –  *Special* Light, hoppy session golden ale with aromas of citrus & elderflower.
  • Spring Wheat – 4.8% –  *New* Light orange hazy wheat beer made withy German hops.
  • Coffee Cream Porter – 5.5% –  *New* Easy drinking full-bodied porter with a balance of coffee and vanilla.
  • Twelfth Night – 7.4% – This festive barley wine has been aging in the cask for six months and promises to be an excellent well-rounded example of the style.

Longdog, Basingstoke (2011)

  • Hare of the Dog (Mild) – 3.6% – *New* Brand new mild ale.
  • Chilli Poacher – 3.9% – *Special* Golden Poacher with chilli.
  • Cranberry Porter – 5.0% – *Special* Lamplight Porter with cranberry.

Moodleys, Penshurst, Kent (2008)

  • Kentish Man (Samways at 60) – 5.0% – *Special* Brewed with organic WGV and Challenger hops and added honey. 60th birthday celebration beer for Jon Samways.

Old Dairy, Rolvenden, Kent (2010)

  • Wild Hop – 4.0% – *Limited edition* Single hop ale brewed with new variety of hop ’Sussex’ which has a unique, bright, fruity aroma with a hint of citrus.
  • Inmanz 57 – 5.7% – *Special* Strong Mild brewed to celebrate a 57th birthday this Easter weekend!
  • Hop Top – 9.0% – *Limited edition* This strong ale first appeared at EBF7 in August 2010 at 8.5%. Now brewed to a new (and stronger) recipe.

Redchurch Brewery, London E2 (2011)

  • Hackney Gold – 5.5% – *Limited edition* A traditional bitter beer with a modern edge. Immediate malt character from the maris otter, crystal and chocolate malts balanced perfectly with a big citrussy hop aroma from the bags of new world hops.
  • Hoxton Stout – 6.0% – *Limited edition* A proper imperial stout brewed with chocolate & caramel malts, and dark roasted barley. The flavour is immediately rich and chocolaty, giving way to espresso notes. It finishes with a great waft of citrus from a generous blend of our favourite hops.
  • Great Eastern IPA – 7.4% – *Limited edition* A satisfying body of malt from the maris otter, munich, and crystal malts in the grist balanced with a big fruit salad hop aroma from generous late and dry hopping.

Ripple Steam, Sutton, Kent (2011)

  • Best Bitter – 4.1% – *New* A mixture of traditional floor malts and Styrian goldings gives an infusion of malt and apricot flavours.
  • IPA – 4.5% – *New* Golden, hoppy bitter with a sweetness in the throat
  • Winter Ale – 5.0% – *New* Smooth & tasty winter brew.

South Downs Brewery, Birling, Kent (2011) (Cuckoo brewed at Kent Brewery)

  • Truleigh Gold – 3.7% – *New* Pale ale brewed with First Gold and Goldings hops.
  • Devil’s Dyke – 5.0% – *New* Porter brewed with a generous helping of Challenger hops.

Tillingbourne Brewery, Shere, Surrey (2011)

  • Evolution No1 – 4.1% – *Limited edition*
  • Falls Gold – 4.2% – *New*
  • Bitter Gem – 4.5% – *Limited edition*

Two Cocks Brewery, Enbourne, Berkshire (2011)

  • Cavalier – 3.8% – *New* Golden ale with a fcitrus & loral hoppy finish from Bobek and First Gold hops.
  • Leveller – 3.9% – *New* An unusual selection of malts impart a unique flavour to this 3.8% ABV session bitter. Voted best beer in a competition of would-be brewers at Brewlab in Sunderland.
  • Roundhead Bitter – 4.2% – *New* Cascade and First Gold hops give this full-bodied, smooth best bitter its characteristic complex hoppiness.
  • Purity Stout – 4.5% – *New* Smooth stout that is both rich and refreshing. A carefully chosen blend of 5 malts gives a velvety mouth feel offset by only a hint of bitterness. Old English hops give a subtle, fruity end.

Vale Brewery, Brill, Buckinghamshire

  • Artful Bodger – 4.1% –  *Special* specially dry-hopped version of Vale’s March monthly special

Waylands Sixpenny – Sixpenny Handley, Dorset (2007)

  • Binman’s Bitter – 4.2%, brewed specially for Bob Inman’s 21st birthday (yer right!)  Happy Birthday Bob.

Windsor & Eton Brewery – Windsor, Berkshire (2010)

  • Treetops – 4.4% – *Limited edition* The first of 3 special beers brewed in 2012 to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this intense African Stout contains a blend of African and British ingredients.
  • Irish Treetops – 4.6% –  Treetops stout with a bottle of Irish Whiskey added to the cask!

XT Brewery – Oxon, Bucks (2011)

  • Two – 4.2% – *New* A refreshing golden ale made with English Pale and Munich Malts, combined with Bohemian and Bavarian hops to give a real international flavour
  • Three – 4.2% – *New* An IPA style beer made with lots of Celeia, Columbus and Cluster Hops, on a base of CaraRed Malts.
  • Four (oak cask) – 4.0% – *Special* Oak cask conditioned version of their flagship bitter. An amber beer with a special Belgian malt and a fruity mix of American and European hops.
  • Six – 4.5% –  *New* Rich ruby ale.
  • Nine – 4.0% – *New* Nine Malts (including Belgian Aromatic, and Smoked), Nine hops (Apollo, Bravo, Columbus, Delta, EK Goldings, First Gold, Galena, Hellertauer, Junga) and two strains of yeast – this is a very special beer made for the drinker who wants something different. This is NOT a stout, it’s something else entirely. Big malt aroma on a bitter, balanced hop finish.
  • Nine (oak cask) – 4.0% –  *Special* Oak cask conditioned version of XT9.
  • APA – 4.4% –  *Special* IPA infused with real Apricots.


Batcheldors, West Sussex

  • J.B. – 7.5% – (DRY) for the connoisseur

Crones, Norfolk

  • Rum Cask – 8.5% – (DRY) English orchard meets West Indian sugar plantation!

Gwatkins, Herefordshire

  • Varietal —8.4% – (SWEET) , full-bodied cider

Gwynt Y Ddraig, Glamorganshire

  • Happy Daze – 4.5% – (MED/DRY) Easy drinking session cider

Little Red Rooster, East Sussex

  • Cider Perry – 8.4% (MED/DRY) well rounded crowd pleaser

Long Crendon Manor, Bucks

  • Cider – 7% (DRY) Not too dry or puckering.

Merrymoon, Kent

  • Lunatickle – 6.8% (MEDIUM) Clean and thirst quenching.

Moorlands Farm, Yorkshire

  • Cider – 6.4% – (MEDIUM) Maximum apple flavours

Naish/Chant, Somerset

  • Badger’s Spit – 6.0% – (SWEET) soft, unpreten-tious, great cider

Oakwood, East Sussex

  • Cider – 8.0% – (MED/DRY) Rum with toasty, oaky notes.

Piglet’s Choice, Somerset

  • Cider – 8% – (MED/DRY) Organic,


Doublevision, Kent

  • ’Impeared Vision’ perry – 7.4% – Perry, Smooth, clean and quaffable.

Severn Sider, Gloucestershire

  • Perry – 6.4% (DRY) whisky casked – fast seller!