EBF17 – Spring 2014

Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th April

Live Music from 20:30, Fri/Sat/Sun

Fri 18thFOWOKAN – Excellent reggae band featuring Sam Kelly (drums) and Spy Austin, one of the best reggae/soul bassists in the business, who has worked with Desmond Dekker, Gregory Isaacs and Dandy Livingstone.
Sat 19thUGLY GUYS – Cosmic American country rock from Southend on Sea, led by Kursaal Flyers’ frontman Paul Shuttleworth. “They play like veterans but rock like 18 year olds!”
Sun 20thJAMIE MARSHALL – Singer songwriter Jamie’s music is an eclectic blend of influences, including pop, soul, and roots music.


Last updated: 16th April 2014  / Steve

Download the ‘new look’ EBF17 tasting notes


Abbey Ford, Chertsey, Surrey (2013)

•             Knight on the Tiles (4.0) (NEW) Dark amber in colour, this perfectly balanced cask ale is refreshingly sweet to start with a subtle hop finish.

ABC Aylesbury Brewhouse, Bucks (2011) 

•             Parallax (3.9) (LIMITED EDITION) A Bronze bitter with a hoppy view and refreshing aroma.

•             The Right Stuff (4.7) (LIMITED EDITION) American style golden I.P.A finished with floral notes and bitter after taste.

Ascot Ales, Camberley, Surrey (2007)

•             Alligator 1000 (4.6) (LIMITED EDITION) A Golden Ale with a wonderful hoppy nose from the Cascade Hops. It’s fresh, crisp, true to style with light carbonation and floral hoppy notes. This is a unique and very quaffable ale indeed.

•             Last of the Blue Devils #18 (8.0) Smoked Stout (FESTIVAL SPECIAL)  18th in the special series to commemorate the passing of USC member Alan Dunton, aka “AJ”.

Binghams, Ruscombe, Berks (2010)

•             Bricks & Mortar (5.0) (NEW) Smooth porter brewed with dark and brown malts. The name was inspired by the fact that Binghams is on the site of an old brickworks.

Brightside, Bury, Lancs (2011)

•             Our Town (4.0) (NEW) Pale ale with a pretty traditional malt profile, but anything but traditional hops: Celeia; Summer; Cascade; Chinook and an experimental variety. Lots of flavour for a 4% beer and not your average pale ale.

Brightwater, Claygate, Surrey (2013)

•             Wild Orchid (4.0) (NEW) Oatmeal porter, enhanced with a plump Madagascan vanilla pod in each cask, resulting in a beer with fragrant vanilla undertones.

•             All Citra (4.3) (NEW) Brewed with Citra hops only, resulting in a distinctive citrus flavour.

Burning Sky, Firle, East Sussex (2013)

•             Plateau (3.5) (FESTIVAL SPECIAL) Pale gold in colour, with a crisp malt edge and sharp bitterness. Plateau has been hopped at different stages of the brew , with a big mix of US & NZ hops to satisfy the discerning drinker. Full in flavour, zesty, refreshing & low in alcohol, this beer will have you returning to the bar for another. Specially DRY-HOPPED for EBF17 at Egham.

Cats Brewing Co, Sheniston, Oxon (2014)

•             Mog (3.8) (NEW) Light and crisp Pale Ale.

•             Tabby (4.1) (NEW) Refreshing and fruity Amber Ale.

Cych Valley, Abercych, Pembrokeshire (2012) (BREW PUB)

•             .410 (4.1) (New) English bitter. No tasting notes available.

•             Celtic Red (4.3) A malty brew from a blend of malts and Bramling Cross hops.

Downlands Brewery, Small Dole, West Sussex, BN5 9XE (2012)

•             Up Periscope! (4.1) (FESTIVAL SPECIAL) A fruity and malty celebration of Egham surviving the floods!

•             CAM-RAA (7.0) (LIMITED EDITION) So dark it absorbs light from the surrounding area. Expect a mouth full of malty liquorish, coffee, chocolate and smokey flavours.

•             Cloud Physics (4.1) (LIMITED EDITION) Sussex band ‘The Galleons’ chose Chinook and Colombus hops for this Pale Ale to mark the official launch of their second album.

•            Pale #3 (4.1) (LIMITED EDITION) Third in a very limited edition of one-off brews, this time brewed with Waimea and Pacific Jade hops.

Firebird Brewing, Rudgwick, West Sussex (2013)

•             No. 79 (4.3) (NEW) Golden Ale. Pale, full, fruity.

•             West (4.7) (NEW) American Amber Ale. Rich resinous, robust.

Five Points Brewing, Hackney, London E8 (2013)

•             Railway Porter (4.8) A Porter in the classic London style with our own twist. Aromas of chocolate and coffee with hints of caramel, brewed with British East Kent Goldings hops.

•             Hook Island Red (6.0) A full bodied, aromatic Red Rye ale brewed with malted barley, the addition of 20% Rye to the recipe, and with Chinook, Columbus and Simcoe hops. We think the Rye in the recipe gives some dryness and spice, and the hops add a dash of pine and passion fruit, but see what you think, everyone’s taste buds are different. This is an incredibly flavoursome Red Ale, full of lots of interesting tastes and aromas.

Gyle 59, Thorncombe, Dorset (2014)

•             Pale & Bitter (5.0) (NEW) A Pale Ale with a dry bitter finish. Pacific Gem and Centennial hops give a refreshing lemon citrus flavour and aroma.

•             IPA (5.3) (NEW) This beer is an India Pale Ale with a long bitter finish. Made with only Maris Otter malt, the strong grapefruit, orange and floral notes from Cascade, Amarillo and Chinook hops are allowed to shine through.

•             Dorset GIPA (5.4) (NEW)  This is a Ginger IPA. The beer has a subtle infusion of root ginger giving the IPA a refreshing and spicy addition to the citrus and floral taste and aroma provided by the hops.

•             The Favourite (6.6) (NEW)  A robust and fruity Porter. Heavily hopped with Bramling Cross and Brewers Gold, it has a flavour and aroma which remind you of dark fruits such as black cherries and blackcurrants. The rich mix of chocolate, black and crystal malts ensure that the taste of the hops are enhanced by a contrasting dark chocolate and roasted malt flavour.

•             Starstruck (6.6) (NEW) This is our porter, The Favourite, enhanced with a subtle addition of star anise. This addition gives the rich and fruity porter an extra complexity with a gentle hint of liquorice.

•             Double IPA (7.2) (LIMITED EDITION) Stronger version of IPA above.

•             Toujours (4.0) Saison. It has its roots in a long tradition of Belgium farmhouse ales. The mixture of Pale and Vienna malts combine with three different English and German hops to perfectly compliment the earthy, peppery and spicy yeast flavours.

Hastings Brewery, Hastings, Kent (2010)

•             Handmade #12 (4.8) (NEW) Green Bullet (LIMITED EDITION) A hop-forward modern pale ale using Maris Otter Pale and Caragold malt, plus the New Zealand Green Bullet hop.

•             Handmade #13 (6.5) (NEW) Slovenian India Brown Ale (LIMITED EDITION)  Not your usual Brown Ale. Brewed with two classic Slovenian hops – Aurora and Bobek. Rich brown malt flavours and vibrant floral citrus hops.

•             Handmade #14 (5.5) (NEW) 3 C’s American Pale Ale (LIMITED EDITION) Classic combination of American ‘C’ hops: Cascade, Centennial and Columbus – pure citrus flavours combined with a refreshingly crisp body. Hazy light amber in colour.

Hopping Mad, Olney, Bucks (2011)

•             Lunatickle (3.9) (NEW) Light, hoppy pale ale with citrus, fruity flavours.

•             Amazing Grace (4.4) Rich, hoppy ale.

•             Black Jack (4.0) (NEW) Smooth velvety Irish Stout with an intriguingly hoppy blackcurrant finish.

•             Brainstorm (4.3) Traditional best bitter, hoppy finish.

•             Patriot (5.0) (NEW) Triple hopped, full bodied pale ale developed from a combination of classic British pale malt and modern American Hops.

Hop Kettle, Cricklade, Wilts (2012)

•             Budgies Migration (4.4) (NEW) Southern Hemisphere ale

•             Black Adder (6.7) (NEW) Black IPA

Hoptimists, Wormley, Surrey (2013)

•             Glass Half Full (4.0) (NEW) Copper coloured Best Bitter using a blend of British and American Hops to produce a good session beer with a nice bitter aftertaste but with a pleasant floral hop aroma.

Instant Karma Brewing, Clay Cross, Chesterfield, Derbyshire (2013)

•             Test Brew Number One (3.9) (NEW) A pale session ale 3.9% pale with Magnum bittering hops and Pacific Gem finishing.

•             Test Brew Number Two (4.5) (NEW) A traditional styled ale 4.5% brown in colour and finished with Fuggles hops to create that traditional style.

•             Bramling Porter  (5.0) (NEW) A malty Porter, brewed with chocolate and black patent malts, and bittered with Bramling Cross hops.

Kent Brewery, Birling, Kent (2011)

•             Cascade (4.5) (NEW) A citrusy, light and hoppy pale ale, using only Cascade hops from both the US and New Zealand.
•             Simcoe (4.5) (NEW) A light and hoppy pale ale using only Simcoe hops at all stages of the brew to bring out its complex fruity and earthy flavours. A magnificent fruity aroma completes the effect!

•             Firestarter (4.9) Tawny Smoked Beer, based on the classic Bavarian Rauchbier style, this is a predominantly smoky brew with subtle, spicy German hop flavours.

Kissingate, Horsham, Sussex (2010)

•             Gardenia Amber Mild (4.5) A refreshing amber mild with a light floral bitterness and subtle herbal fragrances of Bay, Rosemary and Thyme. Won best beer at the Orpington Beer Festival 2013.

•             Buffalo Black Stout (5.0) A coming together of dark chocolate, bourbon, vanilla and floral confection. Flavoured in the fermenter using Kentucky bourbon cask chippings.

•             Stout Extreme Jamaica (6.0) A fulsome bitter and slightly less sweet stout. Intense liquorice, coffee and molasses flavours balanced with fruit bitterness derived from Pacific Jade hops. Each cask is heavily dry hopped to add intensity to the drinking experience.

Late Knights, Penge, London SE20 (2012)  

•             Crack of Dawn (3.9 ) Crisp, easy to drink pale ale.

•             Old Red Eyes (4.5) New Zealand hopped ale.

•             Frosty Mornings (5.7) Warming winter ale.

Little Beer Corporation, Guildford, Surrey (2012)

•             Little Haka (4.5) A light-bodied, flavourful thirst-quenching Ale, brewed with delectable Nelson Sauvin & Galaxy hops from ‘down under’ to give a lovely passionfruit & gooseberry aroma.

•             Little Boileroom (5.4) (NEW). A Vienna lager that breaks the style rulebook by using American Cascade & Amarillo hops. A hoppy but highly drinkable biscuit-coloured Vienna lager, that came about by trying to brew a lager version of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. This is an incredibly popular beer that is a partnership between The Little Beer Corporation and Guildford’s emerging musicians venue, The Boileroom.

•             Little Slow (5.9) (NEW) A flavourful deep honey coloured Pilsner lager that is slow fermented & conditioned to bring out the best in the beer. A study in purity, simplicity and cleanliness of flavour. A beer with a sharply snappy well-focused hop bitterness, a soft bready centre, and a very clean dry finish.

Moncada, London, W10 (2011)

•             Notting Hill Milk Porter (5.0) (LIMITED EDITION) A traditional porter with added lactose to produce a complex malt profile giving balance notes of chocolate, caramel and coffee.

•             Notting Hill Blizzard (7.0) (LIMITED EDITION) A brown ale, aged in oak port barrels and carbonated with chestnut syrup.

Muirhouse, Ilkeston, Derbyshire (2009)

•             Summit Hoppy (4.0) Pale and hoppy session beer made with American Summit hops.

•             Magnum Mild (4.5) Smooth dark mild with aftertaste of roasted malts.

Pennine, Bedale, N. Yorks (2011)

•             Real Blonde (4.0) This award-winning golden ale uses a hop back to create an extremely well balanced beer, filled with the taste of fruit, together with a complementary slight bitterness.

•             Natural Gold (4.2) Golden ale, sweet to the pallet with a great hoppy after taste.

Rebellion, Marlow Bottom, Bucks, SL7 3LT (1993)

•             Touchdown (4.2) (MARCH – LIMITED EDITION) Amber and Fruity. A well balanced amber ale. Crystal malts give this beer its colour and add hints of toffee. A blend of American hops give the beer it aroma of tropical and citrus fruits, yet the beer is relatively low in bitterness.

•             Hole in One (4.2) (APRIL – LIMITED EDITION) Dark and Complex. A traditional porter style beer. We use a variety of roasted and crystal malts giving the beer a complex and rich character. Subtlety hopped to add hints of berries and spice.

Red Cat Brewing, Winchester, Hants (2014)

•             Red Cat Bitter (3.7) (BRAND NEW)  **** GYLE 1 ****!!! Light mahogany coloured bitter, brewed with mainly British hops.

Redscar (BREW PUB), Redcar, N. Yorks (2008)

•             Beacon (4.0) Copper Ale.

Round Tower, Chelmsford, Essex (2013)

•             Aylett (3.5) Easy drinking low ABV blonde.

•             Croxtons (4.1) Golden ale. Abundantly hopped with Chinook, Columbus and Brewer’s Gold.

•             Longshots (4.9) Brown ale. A strong malty, almost nutty backbone supports a late hopping with American hops.

•             Slipstream (6.0) Black IPA. Predominantly hopped with Ella & Galaxy from Australia then dry hopped with plenty of ‘C’ hops from America.

•             Stout (4.3) Award winning Stout (Chelmsford CAMRA Beer of the Festival Winter 2013)

Shamblemoose, Penge, London SE20 (2012) 

•             #5 Amber Rye (4.3) Brewed with Rye malt and ginger.

Surrey Hills, Dorking, Surrey (2005)

•             Gilt Complex (4.6) (FESTIVAL SPECIAL) Specially Dry-Hopped for Egham! A huge hop aroma introduces the “King of the Golden Beers”. There is a hint of spice in the fruity flavour and a long finish that completes this classic beer.

Three Friends, Birling, Kent (2013) CUCKOO

•             Pale Motueka (3.9) (NEW) Pale ale, with Motueka (NZ) hops and Centennial and Cascade (USA) to back them up.

Thurstons – The Horsell Brewing Company, The Crown, Horsell, Surrey (2012)

•             Horsell Best (3.8) (NEW) A balanced full bodied bitter, with a taste that belies its ABV. A popular, very drinkable session ale.

Twickenham Fine Ales, Twickenham, Middx (2004)

•             Nooksack (5.0) (LIMITED EDITION) Collaboratively brewed with Kissingate – this American Pale Ale is hopped with Citra and Mosaic.

•             Wolf of the Woods (4.7) (NEW) Clean, cutting and robust strong bitter. Using all British hops, an initial chocolate malty character leads to a grassy lemon hop bite. Sink your teeth into a true English ale.

Waylands Sixpenny, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset (2007)

•             6d Special (4.8) A characterful, traditional strong best bitter. Rich and full bodied with a rounded malt flavour and a satisfying long finish.

XT Brewing, Long Crendon, Bucks (2011)

•             XT14 (4.5) (NEW) Saison Pale Ale – brewed with wheat malt and a semi wild Belgian Saison Yeast. A golden, zesty, fruity refreshing ale with a natural haze.

•            XT Animal Woof (4.6) (LIMITED EDITION) Amber Rye Ale.  A leg humping, barking mad bundle of hoppy, roasty rye ale.



Ellenbergs, Hanwell (2013 – now closed)

•           Stout (3.8) This is a British-style black beer, top-fermented. The special malts and hops used contribute an unctuous body, a slight roasty grain bitterness, earthy hop notes, and hints of caramel, coffee, chocolate and treacle.

•           Dark Wheat (5.0) A dark wheat beer, inspired by the German Dunkel Hefeweizen style. It has a dark malty nose with a hint of banana and clove.

•           Bock (6.4) This is a strong dark wheat beer inspired by the German Dunkel Weizenbock style. The special malts and hops used contribute aromas and flavours of clove, banana and citrus.

•           Dark Smokey Wheat (6.5) A dark wheat beer, inspired by the German Dunkel Hefeweizen style. It has a dark malty nose with some smokiness and a hint of banana and clove.

Firebird Brewing, Rudgwick, West Sussex (2013)

•           Fireweisse (4.6) Cloudy wheat beer. Crisp, spicy, fruity.

•           Bohemia (4.8) Czech Pilsner. Crisp, floral, spicy.

Hopping Mad, Olney, Bucks (2011)

•           Balmy Days (3.9) Hazy gold, zesty, dry and crisp with hoppy aromas.



•           Crossmans (Somerset)     Prime Farmhouse          Dry               (6.0)
Perennially popular ciders.

•           Double Vision (Kent)         Vision in Pink                  Med             (5.2)
Strawberry fruit cider for grown-ups – not too sweet!

•           Double Vision (Kent)         Impeared Vision            Med              (7.4)  PERRY
Seriously quaffable, silky smooth.

•           Dreymans (W. Sussex)     Chilli Squirrel                 Dry               (6.1)
Green chilli aroma and flavours without the heat.

•           Gwatkin (Herefordshire)  Yarlington Mill              Med              (7.5)
Smooth and rich with a spirit aroma. Single variety cider. CAMRA Cider of the Year 2002 and 2009.

•           Merry Moon (Kent)          Dark Cider the Moon     Med              (6.0)
An absolute sure-fire winner with everyone!

•           Palmershayes (Devon)     Kneebender Scrumpy   Med /Dry    (6.0)
Rough farmhouse cider with ‘bite’.

•           Pookhill (E. Sussex)          The Craic                         Med /Dry    (7.5)
Irish Whisky Cask 2012. Whisper of Irish Whiskey notes.

•           Radnage (Bucks)               Dry                                   Dry               (5.8)
No tasting notes available.

•           Ross on Wye (Herefordshire) Cider                         Dry               (6.5)
Consistently crafted connoisseur’s cider in oak.

•           Virtual Orchard (Bucks)  Hogshead                         Med              (5.5)
A thirst quenching light cider, which blends the rich acidity of the classic Bramley apple with the delicate sweetness and flavour of the contemporary Gala apple.

•           Wiscombe (Devon)           Suicider                            Med /Dry    (8.0)
Rum cask – it’s been the ruin of many a young boy!