EBF25 – Autumn 2016


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Ascot Ales, Camberley, Surrey (2007)

Last of the Blue Devils #28 8.0% (Festival Special)
One-off Imperial Stout with Chestnut – 28th in a special series to remember the passing of USC member Alan ‘AJ’ Dunton in February 2011.

Last of the Blue Devils #29 8.0% (Festival Special)
One-off Imperial Stout with Cranberry – 29th in a special series to remember the passing of USC member Alan ‘AJ’ Dunton in February 2011.

Barn Owl, Gozzard’s Ford, Oxfordshire (2016)

Golden Gozzard 4.0%
Golden summer ale. Crisp bitterness with a refreshing fruityness

Gozzard’s Guzzler 4.4%
A dark best bitter, full bodied and malty with a fruity finish.

Black Piet 5.2%
A strong dark ale with a velvety maltiness and rich plum and blackcurrant flavour.

Black Cat, Palehouse Common, E. Sussex (2011)

Hopsmack (Dry Hopped Amarillo) 4.0%
A hoppy, copper coloured Best Bitter, balanced with malt using Kent Goldings & Slovenian Celeia hops. It’s a traditional English bitter which has a little residual sweetness and not too bitter.

Crossale 5.1%
A gorgeous amber coloured ale is a cross between an ale and a lager. Brewed using lager yeast but conditioned like an ale. Lightly hopped using Northern Brewers hops to tempt those lager drinkers to try something different.

Bond Brews, Wokingham, Berks (2015)

Thirsty Trotter 4.2%
Brewed using 4/1 types of malted barley and wheat, whilst First Gold hops provide the Bitterness, an each way bet on Goldings & Minstrel hops for flavour and aroma combining Honey, Orange & Spiced Berries.

Night Screamer 4.2%
Classic dry stout brewed using dark malts and wheat whilst Admiral hops provide the bitterness and Goldings for a delicate and slightly spicy finish.

Broken Bridge Brewing, Upper Swanmore, Hampshire (2016)

No Chaff 4.0%
A bittersweet, velvety Session Wheat IPA – pale gold in colour with an initial sweetness from the wheat malt followed with flavours of soft fruits and citrus hops and a fruity, almost berry aroma.

Hygge 4.2%
A dark, rich easy drinking porter with subtle notes of sweet beech smoke, dark chocolate and roasted malt. Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’, hygge is the Danish word for ‘cosy/comfort’ and this beer is perfect for winter drinking. This is a one-off brew of which there are only 9 casks in existence.

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere 5.0%
A clean, smooth APA with Rye and Vienna malts and Cascade and Chinook hops. Rich gold in colour, a sweet yet peppery maltiness up front and a dry, hoppy finish and citrusy aroma.

Decent Brewery, Addlestone, Surrey (2015)

Concord 4.2% (Unfined Special)
Old World meets New in this crisp pale ale. Concord means living in harmony and this mix of British and European malts plus English and American hops is doing just that. Even more flavour in this cloudy, unfined version.

Black Flight 3.7%
Session Stout. The Black Flight was a legendary World War One fighter squadron. In just two months, its Royal Navy pilots shot down 87 German aircraft. Their warhorse was the Sopwith Triplane – built by the Thames in Kingston. Painted black, it was a truly distinctive machine. We hope our session stout keeps the Black Flight legend alive.

Downlands, Small Dole, W. Sussex (2012)

Hop Contract v5 4.4% (Limited Edition)
Version 5: Powerfully hopped pale with a huge citrus and fruity punch. Hopped with Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Amarillo, Mosaic and Summit.

Hidden Colour 4.2%
Brewed in conjunction with Brighton band The Galleons, to celebrate the launch of their third album. This pale beer, exclusively hopped with Cascade, is full of grapefruit and citrus aromas, enhanced by a Jasmine flower infusion.

Red October 5.2%
Citra and Centennial provide a hoppy kick across the intriguing malt base of this American Red style beer.

Watchman’s Bounty 5.0%
Coconut and chocolate porter created in conjunction with Brighton and Hove’s first micropub, this beer is a taste of paradise!

Elusive Brewing, Finchamstead, Berks (2016)

Starship Fleet (Wave 4) 4.2% (New, Unfined)
English pale ale with late hop additions of UK ‘Target’ and US ‘Ultra’ hops to give floral, spicy and citrus notes against a clean malt base.

Ultrahops “Vienna!” 4.8% (Unfined)
Amber coloured Vienna Pale Ale with toasty notes provided by heavy use of Vienna malts. American ‘Ultra’ and German ‘TnT’ hops provide floral, citrus and juicy berry notes through the flavour and aroma.

Level Up (Level 3) 5.0% (New, Unfined)
A heavily hopped American Red Ale that balances six different malts against heavyweight American Citra and Simcoe hops , to produce a beer with great depth of flavour and aroma.

Konami Code Oatmeal Stout 5.0% (New, Unfined)
Collaborative brew with Jordan Sidaway. An array of dark malts married with oats gives a delicious roasty body with a silky, decadent mouthfeel.

Greyhound Brewery, West Chiltington, W. Sussex (2015)

Blonde Bird 3.9%
A Refreshing Pale Ale, made with top quality Bavarian lager malts and Hallertauer hops, combined with an English ale yeast to give this real ale a well-rounded dry finish. We dry hop with New Zealand Nelson for a subtle lemon fresh aroma.

Amber Eyes 4.2%
A rich and well balanced golden amber ale with complex floral aromas, rounded light biscuit malt flavours and a well mannered bitter finish.

Booster 4.4%
This American style brown ale is a delicious balance of lightly toasted English malts and punchy Cascade hops. Delightfully quaffable with a great bitter finish.

Blackbird 5.4%
Dark chocolate and rich, deep roasted malt flavours, perfectly balanced with a clean dry bitter finish. Gloriously dark yet thirst quenching and moreish!

Hornes Brewery, Bow Brickhill, Bucks (2016)

Triple Goat Pale Ale 3.9%
Heavily hopped Pale Ale with American and New Zealand hops giving flavour and aroma of Citrus, Pine and Lemon.

Triple Goat Porter 4.6%
An earthy, robust Porter with balanced sweetness from a blend of roasted malts. East Kent Golding and Willamette hops result in a blackcurrant, honey and floral tones.

Triple Goat IPA 5.0%
Crisp citrus characteristics delivered from a blend of USA hops. Lychees, grapefruit, orange and floral notes.

Kew Brewery, East Sheen, SW14 (2015)

Pagoda No.7 5.1% (Unfined)
Collaboration brew with Simon the Tanner pub (Bermondsey). Slightly stronger than the usual 4.6% of other Pagodas brewed with experimental English hop ‘CF132’ plus English Minstrel hops.

Snowdrop 5.2% (Unfined)
New chestnut brown winter ale (limited number in casks), lightly hopped and spiced with ginger, cloves and allspice.

Join the Kew 5.7% (Unfined)
An IPA packed full of the finest new English hops – Olicana, UK Cascade, Endeavour, Minstrel and UK Chinook. Originally brewed to celebrate our first anniversary, this is a seriously fruity IPA.

Moog Brewing, Taplow, Bucks (2014)

Bastard Bunny Strikes Back 6.0%
This American style IPA is moogBrew’s flagship beer. It uses truckloads of American hops for a fruity finish. “Bunny” started life as a seasonal special but is now part of the year-round core range.

Wigmore’s Right Proper Porter 6.5%
A complex blend of malts brings chocolate, coffee and liquorice notes.

Oxted Brewery, Godstone, Surrey (2015)

The Hopfather 3.8%
Hoppy, quaffable pale ale with ‘Cascade’ and ‘Columbus’ hops. Light, fresh grapefruit and citrus flavours.

Single Hop 3.8%
Light and fresh session ale, mildly hopped with just UK ‘First Gold’ giving mild grapefruit flavour.

Amber Ale 3.9%
Balanced, hoppy amber ale with ‘Challenger’, ‘Crystal’ and ‘Cascade’ hops

The Black Perle 4.4%
Black lager brewed with ‘Perle’ hops that delivers a deep roasted flavour, a hint of coffee and a hit of hops at the end.

Treehouse IPA 4.9%
Complex and well balanced IPA brewed with 7 different hops – citrus and grapefruit are to the fore.

Paradigm Brewery, Sarratt, Herts (2015)

Synergy IPA 5.1%
Characterful and full-bodied IPA made with all English ingredients.

Park Brewery, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey (2014)

Spankers IPA  (Passion Fruit & Papaya) 5.3%
Punchy, Hoppy IPA, with a tropical aroma & bitter finish.

Autumn Brown Ale (Chestnut & Vanilla) 4.1%
Somewhere between a golden ale & a porter, chocolatey and hoppy with a sweet finish.

Pig & Porter, Tunbridge Wells, Kent (2013)

Skylarking – Session IPA 4.0%
Ultra-pale super refreshing session IPA hopped with Galaxy and Ella – expect hints of tropical fruit, mango, lychee and melon.

Fatal Flaw – American Amber 4.5%
American Amber Ale featuring aromatic malt and American Ale yeast. The malt backbone of biscuit and toffee makes this beer – the hops vary from brew to brew. This one is with Amarillo.

Dance First – Stout 4.2%
Subtly hopped dry stout – hopped with Summit, Columbus and Williamette.

Love Medicine – Chinook Porter 6.0%
Chinook hopped Porter

Red Cat Brewing, Winchester, Hants (2014)

Gyle 158 3.8%
ONE-OFF SPECIAL: This is a light and fresh golden bitter green hopped with Fuggles picked from Pridewood Farm, Herefordshire 8th Sept 2016.

Gyle 141 4.6%
This full flavoured American Brown Ale oozes rich malt flavours from six roasted malts, including malted oats for a moreish biscuit flavour. Armfuls of US Chinook and Columbus hops add citrus and spice to the mix.

C60 6.5%
Brewed with shed loads of powerful Simcoe hops, this award winning beer is an American IPA with huge flavour. It has heady aromas of passion fruit, citrus and pine, backed with English pale ale malt and caramelised malt for body.

Macavity 5.3%
Mysteriously rich, deep and malty Old Ale – the antidote to big, hoppy IPA’s. In this recipe several speciality roasted malts are used which makes the beer a feast of rich toffee, fruitcake and caramel.

Southwark Brewing, Bermondsey, SE1 (2014)

Peter’s Stout 8.9%
Czar Peter the Great developed a taste for dark Southwark Ales while studying shipbuilding here in 1698. Massive Mash of Malts infused with English Hops in this Russian Imperial Stout. New and improved recipe – previously only available in bottles. First cask anywhere!!

Citra 5.0%
Single hopped Pale Ale, brewed with 100% American Citra hops and 100% English Pale Ale Malt. This 5 times hopped ale gives a strong, yet floral, citrus aroma and flavour.

Stardust Brewery, White Waltham, Berks (2016)

Easy Pale – 3.8%
Easy drinking subtle blend of American hops and pale malt body. Session ale.

English Bitter – 4.0%
Traditional British malt and hop flavours. Notes of roasted caramel and classic hop aroma.

American Pale – 4.5%
A mid strength American pale ale. A late dry hop gives the beer that extra something.

PK3 – 5.6%
Fully hopped IPA. Five hop varieties gives the beer a complex hop profile.

Surrey Hills, Dorking, Surrey (2005)

Albury Ruby (Dry Hopped) 4.6%
A warming dark winter beer that has a hint of blackcurrant in the aroma. Beautifully balanced and smooth, this is a beer for the connoisseur. Specially dry-hopped for Egham!

Albury Ruby (Oak aged) 4.6%
A warming dark winter beer that has a hint of blackcurrant in the aroma. Beautifully balanced and smooth, this is a beer for the connoisseur. Specially Oak aged for Egham!

Shere Drop (Oak Aged) 4.2%
A warming dark winter beer that has a hint of blackcurrant in the aroma. Beautifully balanced and smooth, this is a beer for the connoisseur. Specially Oak aged for Egham!

Thames Side Brewery, Staines, Surrey (2015)

Black Swan Porter 4.4%
Rich and malty but nicely balanced historical dark ale – final cask of prototype brew.

Black Swan Porter 4.6%
Rich and malty but nicely balanced historical dark ale – first brew from the slightly stronger and darker refined recipe.

Wallingford Brewery, Britwell Salome, Oxfordshire (2016)

NB: Wallingford beers cancelled due quality issue. (04NOV)

Wimbledon Brewery, Wimbledon, London SW19 (2015)

Phoenix Smoked Porter 4.8%
Smooth and rich with hints of beech smoke, spice and chocolate, producing a great depth of flavour.

Quartermaine IPA 5.8%
Traditional English IPA, fruity, spicy and floral hop aromas lead to a full, rich, almost light fruit cake middle palate, ending with a clean dry bitter finish.



Apple County, Monmouthshire

Naughty Horsey 6.5% MED/DRY. Single varietal cider made with Dabinett cider apples.

Double Vision, Kent

Vision in Pink 5.3%  MED. A grown-up fruit cider, not over-sweet – culinary/dessert apples + strawberries.

Impeared Vision 7.4% (PERRY) MED. Seriously quaffable, silky smooth – dessert and wild pears.

Dragon Orchard, Herefordshire

Tumpy Ground 7.0%  MED/DRY. Deep golden, crisp and appley – cider apples.

Merry Moon, Kent

Lemon Moon 6.8% DRY. Really thirst quenching and deliciously fruity – culinary/dessert apples with lemons.

Dark Cider the Moon 6.0% MED. Ribena for grown ups! – culinary/dessert apples with blackcurrants.

Rosies, Clwyd

Wicked Wasp 7.4%  MED/DRY. Whisky casked – beautifully judged spirit/cider finish – cider apples.

Gregg’s Pit, Herefordshire

Vintage 2014 6.0% (PERRY) MED/DRY. Very rare due to tiny production, but very special indeed – Aylton Red, Blakeney Red & Gregg’s Pit pears.