EBF22 – Autumn 2015

Thu 12th to Sun 15th Nov 2015

Live Music from 20:30 on Fri and Sat evenings.

Opening times & prices:

  • Thursday: 10:00 – 23:00
  • Friday: 10:00 – 00:00 – JOE JAMMER
  • Saturday: 10:00 – 00:00 – BROKEN BONES
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 23:00 – FREE ENTRY on SUNDAY!


Last updated: 11th November 2015  / Steve

Download the EBF22 programme & tasting notes in pdf format.


Abstract Jungle Brewery, Peterborough, Cambs (2015)

Pride 3.9%
Crisp and clean pale with German and American hops, low mellow bitterness with a  tropical aroma.

Jackal 4.2%
Traditional style porter with 4 different malts and a subtle spicy aroma.

Ascot Ales, Camberley, Surrey (2007)

Last of the Blue Devils #24 8.0% (Festival Special)
One-off Imperial Stout with Mango – 24th in a special series to remember the passing of USC member Alan ‘AJ’ Dunton in February 2011.

Bexar County, Peterborough, Cambs (2013)

Papa Steve 2015 9.0%
American Imperial Stout. Extremely limited edition beer, packed with flavours of burnt toast, dark chocolate and hints of toffee with an impeccably smooth finish.

Cerne Abbas Brewery, Chideock, Dorset (2014)

Blonde 4.2%
Pale beer, a blend of American and antipodean hops, noted for a crisp and refreshing finish with a nose described as “hoppy as a man with one leg on a scorching hot beach with no flip flop (singular)”. Maris Otter Low colour malt base from Dorset grown barley.

Legless Jester 4.7%
Tawny ale, named after “Owde Barry Legg” who sadly passed away the Christmas before last. A local legend in the Cerne Valley. Jester is the predominant hop in this beer. Jester has been bred in captivity in the “hopshires” of England under the watchful eye of Will Rogers and the British Hop breeding programme.

Colchester Brewery, Wakes Colne, Essex (2012)

AK Pale 3.7%
1900’s pale ale, mildly hopped. Fresh and fruity.

Metropolis 3.9%
A superb golden session beer, with enormous balance and depth of flavour and a long floral, spicy finish. Silver Medal – SIBA blind tasting 2012.

Brazilian 4.6%
Coffee and vanilla porter, beautifully balanced. Silver medal at Norwich BF 2013; Beer of the Festival – Clacton BF 2013; Beer of The Festival – Pig’s Ear BF 2013; Beer of the Festival – Colchester Winter BF 2014.

Downlands, Small Dole, W. Sussex (2012)

Old 4.4%
Lower strength (was 4.7%) full bodied dark brown old ale with chocolate and roasted coffee beans.

Oatmeal Stout 4.9%
Liquorice, creamy coffee and smooth.

Eight Arch Brewing, Wimbourne, Dorset (2015)

Bowstring 3.8%
A very sessionable bitter brewed with Maris Otter malt and plenty of hops including East Kent Goldings.

Parabolic 4.5%
A fresh and aromatic pale ale brewed with U.S. hops including Cascade resulting in an incredibly drinkable pale ale with tons of aroma and flavour.

Corbel 5.5%
A highly hopped India Pale Ale brewed with massive amounts of Mosaic hops from the U.S. giving a huge hit of tropical fruit aromas and flavours.

Frontier Brewing, Derby, Derbyshire (late 2014)

Explorer IPA 5.4%
A strong & hoppy, India Pale Ale. Plentiful amounts of complementary hops bring citrus fruits & a clean, bitter finish.

Gyle 59, Thorncombe, Dorset (2014)

The Rye Saisonnier 4.1%
Unfined: A Saison for the autumn, full of mist and mellow fruitfulness.  Made with First Gold green hops, and using a Saison yeast to compliment the gentle rye flavours from the malted rye.

Elderbeery Pale 4.5%
Unfined: An Elderberry Saison, hedgerow berries combine with the dark fruit flavours of Bramling Cross to provide a perfect balance to the rounded earthy spiciness of the Abbaye yeast.

Rose Hippie 4.6% [Collaboration brew with Cerne Abbas Brewery]
Unfined: This collaboration brew with Cerne Abbas Brewery resulted in a light refreshing pale ale with outstanding subtle flavours.  We used the new Styrian Wolf and Jester hops to combine perfectly with the gentle flavour of rose hips.

Cherry Picker 6.9%
Unfined: Collaborative brew with Brewhouse & Kitchen (Bristol) and Eight Arch Brewing (Wimborne) has not yet been tasted by this brewer.  It is a dark Saison using speciality dark malts, Morello cherries and a Saison yeast. The only pin to escape the Gyle 59 brewery!

Harvest, Camberley, Surrey (2014)

Amber Hill 4.0% – English hopped (Challenger, Whitbread Goldings and Fuggles) golden bitter. Named after the location of the brewery.

Hedgedog Brewing, Virginia Water, Surrey (2014)

Brown Ale 5.0%
Rich brown colour on the pour with hazy red highlights. On the nose there are notes of brown sugar, mild roasted malt and a touch of cocoa –  the hop notes lean toward a spicy, grassy, herbal quality. The English yeast strain contributes  some creaminess on the palate but without any heaviness. Digging deeper you’ll find notes of summer morning toast, a light nuttiness, coffee and cocoa, a hint of maple, and a light brown-sugar-like sweetness – a mild hop bitterness and simultaneous tart hint provides balance. Hops also add a citrusy and a nice spicy tone, and there’s a bit of a fruity undercurrent – a signature Hedgedog undertone.

Hooded Ram Brewery, Douglas, Isle of Man [2013]

Rams Head Bitter 3.7%
A hint of chocolate malt gives this classic bitter a distinctive character and rich colour. Brewed with Goldings and Fuggles.

Amber Ram 4.3%
A well-balanced bitter with enough hop and malt to keep those taste buds wanting more whilst balancing bitterness. Brewed with Pilgrim, Bramling Cross, Cascade hops.

Jack the Ram Stout 4.7%
A classic Stout with a good chocolate malt mouth feel, low hop aroma and balanced finish. Brewed with Goldings and Fuggles.

Mosaic 5.0%
A crisp light ale with Rye malt to give a dry malt taste and packed with the most amazing hop ever – Mosaic!

Little King Louis IPA 6.0%
Strong citrus notes, balanced malt and good bitterness with Bobek, Cascade and Amarillo hops.

Kew Brewery, East Sheen, SW14 (2015)

Pagoda Pale No.2 4.2%
Unfined: The second in a series of pale ales celebrating different English hops, Pagoda No.2 uses masses of UK Cascade hops for fruity grapefruit flavours and aroma.

Pagoda Pale No.3 4.2%
Unfined: The third in a series of pale ales celebrating different English hops, Pagoda No.3 was made with loads of the ‘difficult to get hold of’ new English hop Jester. Jester gives lots of new world hop flavours – lychee, grapefruit and blackcurrant.

Petersham [Porter] 4.0%
Unfined: Rich and complex, our porter is made with five different malts, giving hints of toffee, chocolate, coffee, plums and liquorice. It’s all about the malt….

Sandycombe [Gold] 4.3%
Unfined: Uber-pale golden ale. Crisp, hoppy and refreshing, dry-hopped with English Target and Bramling Cross hops.

Nightshade [Chilli Porter] 4.2%
Unfined: A rich, complex porter, subtly infused with English chillis, bringing beautiful flavours out of the malt, with just a hint of heat.

Kubla Brewery, Lydeard St Lawrence, Somerset (2012)

Pale Ale – Number ONE 4.2%
Unfined: This Pale Ale exhibits fruity gooseberry and orange aromas through the late addition of Southern Hemisphere hops.

Saison Number ONE 5.0%
Unfined: Malts and hops combine with Chamomile to provide the drying finish of a traditional Saision with the lavender providing the floral notes.

Pale Ale – Oakleaf Pale 5.5%
Unfined: Limited edition PA using leaves from the oak tree at the brewery which give subtle honey notes.

Lyme Regis Brewery, Lyme Regis, Dorset (2010, ex Town Mill) 

Lucy’s Sledge (spiced ale) 4.8%
Brewed using Pale, Crystal and Amber malts together with Perle hops and our brewer’s unique spice mix, an amber Christmas Ale with a pronounced spiced orange aroma and cinnamon after taste.

Black Ven 5.0%
London-style Porter, brewed by combining Pale, Crystal, Black and Chocolate malts together with Bobek and Bramling Cross hops.

Golden Cap (craft lager) 5.4%
Brewed using Lager malt and Perle hops, this lager was cold fermented for 3 weeks and lagered for another 6 weeks to develop rich, mature flavours. A traditionally made craft lager with a delicious, soft honey flavour and an orange after taste.

Granny’s Teeth 6.0%
Brewed using Maris Otter Pale and Amber malts together with Fuggles and Bramling Cross hops. An amber/brown hoppy Winter Special with a distinctive bitter character.

Marshall’s Beers, Hermitage Brewery, Thatcham, Berks (2013)

Lodestone Mild 3.7%
Chocolate and crystal malts provide the depth of flavour and colour, along with our favourite Maris Otter pale malt. This is the first time this mild has been available for public drinking. We’re still developing it but hope you like it so far.

Grimsbury Castle 4.1%
Best bitter, made with Warminster Maris Otter pale malt and crystal malt, Progress and Pilgrim hops. Nice, rounded bitterness with lots of flavour. Named after the hill fort just up the road from the Brewery.

Ambling Home 4.8%
An amber-coloured ale with distinctive citrus notes from the Willamette hops. The malts are Maris Otter pale malt and crystal.

Auld Peat 5.1%
Scottish-style with whisky malt to add extra flavour along with pale and crystal malts. The bittering hops are Northern Brewer and Challenger and flavour/aroma from Willamette. Full flavoured and satisfying.

Park Brewery, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey (2014)

Park Pale 3.6%
Maris Otter & Caramalt base, not too bitter in the hopping but dry hopped with Mosaic & Nelson Sauvin giving a fruity/berry aroma.

Autumn Amber Ale 3.8%
A sweet rich amber ale, slightly nutty from the dark malts & lighty dry hopped with cascade to give a slight floral aroma.

Park Porter 4.2%
Rich, sweet and chocolatey.  Brewed with lactose to provide richness.

Pig & Porter, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent(2013)

Strangely Brown 4.8%
Unusually – a porter with green hops! The grassiness of the green hops helps to lift the creaminess provided by the roasted grains.

Sloe Black 5.1%
Unfined: Seasonal version of their popular Slow, Black featuring sloe berries.

Purest Green 5.2%
Straw coloured, strong pale ale bursting with flavour from freshly picked East Kent Goldings.

Red Cat Brewing, Winchester, Hants (2014)

Smoggy 4.7%
Smokey session IPA. Quality two-row spring barley malt, slowly dried over hot, smoky embers of well-aged beech wood is blended with English Pale Ale malt and other roast malts to give a subtle, smoky beer rather
than a full out onslaught of tar and kippers.

Macavity 5.3%
A blend of three lightly roasted malts give Macavity a deep chestnut colour and a rich satisfying flavour.  The bitterness and hop notes from British grown Goldings and Admiral finely balance the weight of the malt.

Southbourne Ales, (2013), (cuckoo at Lyme Regis)

Late Swimmer 4.5%
Old ale with bitter and toasted flavours based on the German Altbiers from the Düsseldorf area; brewed using Spalt hops and Crystal and Chocolate malts.

Grockles 4.5%
Clean and refreshing summer blonde ale with peach aromas.

Tapstone Brewing, Chard, Somerset (2015)

Sea Monster 4.2%
Sea Monster is a fresh and fruity pale. Tropical flavours cascade over a crisp citrus base, with waves of blueberry, mango and fresh cut lime.

Wild Woods 4.5%
IPA brimming with juicy grapefruit and sweet uplifting pine. A homage to the brewer’s favourite American hops – Simcoe and Chinook are added Bigfoot style.

Soma 4.6%
Unfined: Juicy fruity pale ale with loads of haze.

Kush Kingdom 5.0%
7 malts were blended to get the sun-kissed orange colour. Then a heavy mix of 8 hops showcase the best of fruit, citrus and dank flavours for a complex and uplifting ‘resiny mouthfeel’.

Voodoo Juice 5.2%
Heady, hoppy IPA bursting with stone-fruit aroma and deep orange flavour, it has 7 heavy hitting hop additions – then triple dry-hopped!

Thames Side Brewery, Staines, Surrey (2015)

Harrier Ale 3.2%
English session beer.

White Swan Pale Ale 4.5%
Brewed with Chinook & Columbus hops

Egyptian Goose India Pale Ale 6.0%
An old fashioned English IPA but mixes Fuggles, East Kent Goldings, and Cascade hops.

Thurston’s Brewery, Horsell, Surrey (2012)

Chobham Treacle 5.0%
An Old English Ale. A dark, full flavoured beer, brewed to acknowledge the legend of the Chobham Treacle Mines. Burnt toffee and liquorice on the nose, caramel and dark fruits on the tongue. Worth going underground for…

Two Towers Brewery, Birmingham, West Midlands (2010)

Jewellery Porter 5.0%
An outstanding, highly-acclaimed, full-bodied porter with a thick texture, producing a complex range of tastes that include coffee, chocolate and toffee with a delightful array of subtle fruit notes.

Waylands Sixpenny Brewery, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset (2007)

Dorset Ruby 3.6%
An Autumn special, malty best bitter with hints of toffee and caramel, and a deep ruby brown colour.

Wingtip Brewing, (2015) (cuckoo at Andwells)

Autopilot 3.9%
The finest floor malted English Barley is combined with European and American hops, to produce a crisp refreshing golden blonde beer.

XT Brewing, Long Crendon, Bucks (2011)

Animal Neigh 4.6%
Crisp and clean – a  pale new world ale. Packed with Motueka hops – giving lemon and lime followed by a background of tropical fruit.

XPA 5.9%
An IPA brewed with crisp, clean extra pale malts and more hop additions than any of our other beers. Plus a cooler, slower fermentation for a really special hop forward flavour.



BUTFORD FARM, Herefordshire
Organic Perry 7.1%    Med/Dry  PERRY made with Blakeney Red pears.

Vision in Pink 5.3%    Med    A grown up strawberry fruit Cider – not too sweet.

Impeared Vision 7.4%    Med    Seriously quaffable, silky smooth Perry.

Cider 6.0%    Med/Sweet    Six generations of Cider know-how.

Midford Cider 6.5%    Med/Dry    Well balanced, carefully made clean Cider.

NEWTONS, Herefordshire
Gasping Goose 5.8%    Med/Dry Organic Cider – the perfect summer pint!

RICH’S, Somerset
Cider 6.0%    Med    A very easy drinking Cider, soft and smooth!

SALT HILL, Berkshire
Autumn Gold 5.0%    Med/Dry    Cider blended with the new season fresh pressed apple juice.

Merry England 6.5% Med/Sweet    Cider naturally sweetened with English sugar.

Urban Fox 6.5%    Dry    Organic, with a blend of several varieties of cooking and eating apples.

SOUTH DOWNS, East Sussex
Cider 4.9%    Dry    This Cider has an incomparable retention apple flavour.

W.M.WATKINS, Monmouthshire
Hazy Daze 5.2%    Med    Clean and crisp, a fine example of a farmhouse Perry.