EBF30 – Summer 2018


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Final beer list [.pdf format]

Angels & Demons, Folkestone, Kent (2015)

A.D.H. Me 5.2%
NEW: A plethora of flavours and a massive dry hop hit.

Goldilocks Is Dead 5.3%
NEW: Silky, unctuous fusion of citrusy, oaty loveliness is an explosion of flavour married with huge hoppy aroma, all nestled within glorious depth of character and super mouth feel!

Black Taxi To The Moon 5.4%
NEW: Impeccably balanced smokiness and full-bodied bitter chocolate makes this porter just the ticket for a smooth ride to heaven.

Almasty Shiremoor, Tyne & Wear (2014) collaboration with
Blackjack Brewery, Manchester (2012)

IPA 6.0%
LIMITED EDITION: New England Haze meets west coast bitterness in this hoppy mofo. Ticks all the IPA boxes!

Ascot Brewing Company, Camberley, Surrey (2007)

Gold Cup 4.0%
NEW: Light golden ale with intense citrus grapefruit aromas from Cascade and Chinook hops. Very refreshing Golden Ale with a strong hop character.

Front Runner 4.8%
NEW: American Pale Ale dry hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo hops to give mango, tropical fruits and citrus flavours with a crisp dry finish.

Last of the Blue Devils #35 – Passion Fruit Exile Stout 5.0%
FESTIVAL SPECIAL: 35th in a special series to remember the passing of USC member Alan ‘AJ’ Dunton in February 2011.

Bond Brews, Wokingham, Berks (2015)

Pikes Peak 4.5%
NEW: American Pale Ale. Racing to the clouds with 4 types of malted barley whilst Summit hops cross the finish line with notes of Orange & Pink Grapefruit.

Whiskey Porter 4.8%
NEW: Oak Aged Brown Porter spiced with Whiskey. Brewed using five blends of malted barley and wheat to carry a deep brown colour. Two varieties of hop hold a low bitterness level followed by a hint of rich, dark fruit and warming spices by the addition of Whiskey.

Brass Castle, Malton, N. Yorks (2011)

Bad Kitty 5.5%
Multi award-winning chewy chocolate-vanilla dream of a porter.

Brighton Bier, Brighton, East Sussex (2012)

Batting Practise 3.5%
NEW: Super low ABV session pale ale with loads of late hopping and fermented with a West Coast yeast.

Cellar Head, Framfield, E. Sussex (2017)

Summer Pale Ale 3.7%
UNFINED – NEW: A fresh floral aroma with sweet honey and slight grassy notes. Rounded off with a soft bitterness to finish. Hops: Chinook, Challenger, Kent Cobb.

Single Hop Pale – Challenger 4.6%
UNFINED – NEW: Refreshing pale ale perfectly showcases the individual hop and it’s unique characteristics. Maris Otter and Vienna give the light malt base to the Challenger hop.

Festival Pale 4.8%
UNFINED – NEW: Pleasurable pale ale with tangerine aromas and a balanced maltiness, leading to flavours of marmalade and stoned fruits. Finishes with a firm bitterness. Hops: Alliance, First Gold, Endeavour, English Cascade.

Downlands, Small Dole, W. Sussex (2012)

Hop Contract 8 4.5%
LIMITED EDITION: Pale ale brewed with Ernest, Galaxy, Idaho 7 and Simcoe hops.

Godiva IPA 5.3%
UNFINED – LIMITED EDITION: single hop IPA brewed with Godiva hops.

Farm Yard Ales, Cockerham, Lancaster (2017)

Peat 3.7%
NEW: 9 different malts, balanced delicately with varieties of English hop. Yeasty esters which compliment the complex malt foundation of this traditional English dark mild.

TVO 54 3.7%
NEW: Easy drinking and sessionable British blonde ale. Brewed with a light malt bill and Jester hops to provide subtle hop aromas to this quaffable beer.

Fisher’s Brewing Company, High Wycombe, Bucks (2017)

Session Blonde 3.5%
A light, straw coloured session ale with a balanced malt character and fresh US hops.

Single Hop Pale Ale ‘Ahtanum’ 5.4%
Ahtanum hops add floral and citrus notes, to this single hop Pale Ale.

Four Candles, St Peters, Broadstairs, Kent (2014)

NZ Double Hop Bitter 4.0%
NEW: Tasting notes not available.

NZ Triple Hop Pale 4.2%
NEW: Tasting notes not available.

Hazlenut Porter 4.5%
NEW: Tasting notes not available.

Chinook Single Hop 4.5%
NEW: Tasting notes not available.

American Pale Ale 4.8%
NEW: Tasting notes not available.

Dr Rudi’s Hopburst 4.9%
NEW: Tasting notes not available.

Iron Pier, Gravesend, Kent (2018)

Perry St Pale 3.7%
NEW: Pale ale with Amarillo, Centennial and Simcoe hops.

Wealdway IPA 4.5%
NEW: IPA brewed with Chinook and Columbus hops.

Porter 5.3%
NEW: Rich and roasty with a a smooth chocolate malt character. We use a roasted crystal malt and English hops to provide a stone fruit and berry finish.

Kent Brewery, Birling, Kent (2011)

Centennial 4.6%
NEW: A citrussy, lemon and floral taste with a soft bitterness.

Tropic Ale 5.0%
FESTIVAL SPECIAL: A Taste of the Tropics with an earthy hoppy backbone.

Little Critters, Sheffield, South Yorkshire (2016)

Nutty Ambassador 6.0%
Hazelnut Milk Stout, with hazelnut, coffee and chocolate notes this is a great marriage of flavours. Unfiltered to retain the luscious taste this product contains lactose (milk sugar) and oats which combine to give a slightly sweet but smooth body. CAMRA Champion Beer of Yorkshire 2018.

London Beer Lab, Brixton, SW9 (2013)

Session IPA 4.2%
A cocktail of big US hops produces a tropical session with a bitter finish.

Mosaic & Equinox 5.5%
NEW: Juicy and tropical, easy drinking pale.

Mallinsons, Huddersfield, W. Yorks (2008)

Bramling Cascade 3.8%
NEW: One of their range of dual hopped beers using Bramling Cross hops from the UK for bittering, and Cascade hops from the USA for aroma. The result is a striking blonde ale with aroma hints of berry fruits and light lemon. The bitterness gives hedgerow fruits and citrus notes, giving a long fruity finish.

Columbus 3.8%
LIMITED EDITION: A single hopped beer, brewed using US Columbus hops – Pale blond with a good hop aroma and a slightly spicey nose, the finish is strong and bitter.

Serious Blendin’ vol.8 4.4%
LIMITED EDITION: Contains four hop varieties, paired up at different stages of the brew. The result is vibrant golden ale with hints of strawberry and lime in the aroma, a full fruity flavour with a refreshing dry finish. Brewed with Atlas, Ella, Citra and Simcoe.

New Wharf Brewing, Maidenhead, Berks (2017)

Pale – Citra & Cascade 4.3%
UNFINED – NEW: A lovely light coloured pale ale with refreshing bursts of citrus fruits. This will definitely quench your thirst.

Stout – Blackcurrant & Liquorice 5.0%
UNFINED – NEW: A full-bodied Stout with hint of Blackcurrent and Liquorish .

Stout – Triple Chocolate 5.0%
UNFINED – NEW: A velvety smooth full-bodied stout with deep undertones of rick milk chocolate.

No Frills Joe, Greenhithe, Kent (2017)

No Frills Stout 4.3%
UNFINED – NEW: Good combination of coffee, chocolate and roastiness are the dominating notes in this rich and complex stout.

No Frills Pale Ale 4.8%
UNFINED – NEW: Potent aroma and pleasant hoppy flavour with just the right amount of bitterness. Medium to full body, grapefruit zest, tropical fruit.

NorthDown, Margate, Kent (2018)

Pale Ale Mary 4.0%
NEW: Pale amber ale with a hint of apricot, floral and citrus; slight bitterness, crisp finish.

He-Bru IPA 4.8%
NEW: Sunlight coloured ale – hoppy, floral, passion fruit on the nose with a taste of citrus, tangerine, passion fruit and a crisp bitter finish.

Red Cat Brewing, Winchester, Hants (2014)

Lynx Backflip 3.6%
Prowler is the a base beer – dry hopped with Catnip pellets, giving a peppery, almost minty flavour that is very distinctive and refreshing.

South Island 4.2%
Very pale session beer with a high percentage of oats in the grist. Cloudy, very soft and smooth mouthfeel, delicate citrus aroma from the Motueka hops.

Peach Mosaic 4.9%
A fruited version of Mosaic Pale. Light malt and golden colour, the intense and juicy tropical fruit flavours of Mosaic are enhanced with peach puree.

Fafu 5.0%
Yirgacheffe Coffee Pale, brewed using coffee from artisan roasters The Roasting Party. Slightly sweet maltiness supports the subtle fruity, spicy coffee flavours, with a little Citra to enhance the aroma. Very clean and refreshing flavour.

Otherside 6.0%
IPA single hopped with Nelson Sauvin. Tart and dry flavours with gooseberry, white wine and grapefruit notes coming through. Unfined with a light haze, slight maltiness to counterbalance the dry hop flavour.

Southwark Brewing, Bermondsey, SE1 (2014)

Five Hop Summer Pale 4.4%
LIMITED EDITION: An easy drinking refreshing ale, robustly malty with Mosaic, Citra, Cascade, Chinook and Amarillo to give a blast of citrus hop flavour and aroma! One of only 2 casks in existence – rest into keg.

Scottish Light Ale 3.4%
Brewed with 100% East Kent Goldings Hops and packed full of sweet malty flavours with tones of chocolate and caramel.

Passion Fruit IPA 5.8%
Medium body, orange coloured beer, powerful bitterness with a pleasant Passion Fruit note and finish.

Amarillo Single Hop 5.0%
NEW: Brewed with 100% Amarillo Hops and 100% English Pale Ale Malt – A great balanced beer with flavours of grapefruit, orange, lemon, melon, apricot and peach – one of the great super citrus hops!

Stardust, White Waltham, Berks (2016)

Little Jester 3.6%
NEW:  Subtle, low ABV copper ale. Using the one and only UK Jester hop, this beer has a delicate fruitiness on the nose, a depth through the middle and leaves a gentle bitterness on the aftertaste. Little in ABV but the Jester is not to be underestimated!

“Working From Home” 4.6%
UNFINED – NEW: The naturally hazy (cloudy) pale body of this beer comes from a combination of malted barley, wheat and oats. Light on the bitterness but packed with 5 different American hops to bring a citrus fruit aroma.

Thornbridge, Bakewell, Derbyshire (2004)

Strawberry Lucaria 4.5%
NEW: A low ABV ice cream porter and with the addition of sweet strawberries into the brew giving that Neapolitan flavour that we all need for Summer!

Tiny Rebel, Newport, Gwent (2012)

Don’t Believe The Hype 5.0%
NEW: A beer with a New England IPA profile but without the murk. This beer is mega juicy with notes of peach & apricot, low bitterness and pine undertones.

Cherry Bomb 5.0%
BOOM! Explosively sour, Cherry Bomb is packed full of sweet cherries that round off this modern take on a kriek. The sourness detonates on your tongue in an explosion barely contained by your cheeks, before the rich flavour of cherry kicks in as the dust settles.

Top-Notch Brewing, Haywards Heath, W Sussex (2014) collaboration with Foghorn Brew Co, Hove, E Sussex (2018)

Dance Commander 8.5%
LIMITED EDITION: Imperial stout.

Torrside, New Mills, Derbyshire (2015)

Summit 4.8%
UNFINED – NEW: The second in Torrside’s US-Hop series featuring the much under-used Summit hop.

Twisted Barrel, Coventry (2013)

Beast of a Midlands Mild 3.5%
Nine different malts were blended to create a nutty, chocolate and coffee flavoured mild, topped off with a smooth vanilla finish, making this a delicious beast of a dessert beer.

Oblivion 5.0%
NEW: A strong, punchy Export India Porter. The huge coffee aroma is complemented by a pronounced roasted malt flavour, followed by a lasting citrus bitterness from the copious amounts of Cascade, Chinook and Columbus hops.

Wander Beyond, Manchester (2018)

Great Rift 6.0%
NEW: Indulgent milk stout. Expect rich flavours of milk chocolate, dark malts and subtle berries. Brewed with mountains of lactose, generous additions of oats and an extensive range of dark malts.

Wild Beer Co, Westcombe, Somerset (2012) collaboration with
Magic Rock, Huddersfield, W. Yorkshire (2011)

Yacht Casual 4.1%
LIMITED EDITION: This session pale uses bright hops to maximise delicate aromas and fresh fruit flavours. Sessionable though this is, Yacht casual sails through with the amalgamating complexity of when the Wild and Magic collide! This is the third collaboration between Wild and Magic Rock Brewing with each beer using completely different brewing techniques pushing the boundaries of what these breweries do best. This is what collaborations are all about!

Wilde Child, Leeds, W.Yorkshire (2016)

Chasing Epiphany 4.8%
NEW: Citra & Mosaic Pale – Oats make up 15% of the grain bill in this beer, which promises to be velvety smooth and super drinkable. All that topped up with the freshest crop of Citra and Mosaic hops create a very juicy beer that you could quite easily stick to all day.

Citra Single Hop 5.2%
Single Hop Series Pale – Super smashable single hop series pale made with more citra hops than you can shake a stick at and fermented on west coast yeast for that crisp and fruity vibe.

XT Brewing, Long Crendon, Bucks (2011)

Animal – Alligator 4.6%
LIMITED EDITION: The street fighting alley cat cousin of Hop Kitty – bigger and stronger!. Packed with more Citra and Cascade than ever before and bursting with intense tropical and citrus flavours. Definitely not house trained.

Animal – Bad Kitty 5.9%
LIMITED EDITION: American Pale Single Hop – brewed with all pale malts and loaded with Azacca. Hitting you straight off with the tastes of mangos, lychees, citrus and pine, with a clean crisp malt bill lurking in the background.

Animal – Evil Kitty 7.2%
VERY LIMITED EDITION: Hop Kitty’s feral naughty cousin, the rough looking one, with bigger muscles, from the same recipe gene pool, but with a bit of a DNA tweak.

Animal – Siamese Fighting Fish 6.3%
VERY LIMITED EDITION: The super trendy new Red-X malt is paired with another leading edge development – Cryo Hops. Like a crazy Heston Blumenthal science fiction recipe: Cryogenic separation process preserves all the flavour components by freezing the hop cones with liquid nitrogen. The standard version is 4.6%!!



Ashridge, Totnes, Devon

Pear 6.0% MED/DRY:
Traditional cider with pear juice added.

Biddenden, Biddenden, Kent

Red Love 5.0% MED:
Pours clear, reddish pink – aroma of fresh apple juice. Berry-like hints..

Big Nose & Beardy Cider Club, Framfield, East Sussex

Oast Toast 6.7% MED:
A mix of Cox and Bramley with a touch of Red Gloss from the orchards of Oast Fruit Farm in Buxted. Pressed on the final glorious sun-filled days of Autumn. A sweet, tangy finish.

Dudda’s Tun Cider, Doddington, Kent

Original Cider 7.5% MED:
This cider is a blend of Russet, Cox and Bramley apples. Not as heady as its strength suggests, this golden, medium cider is packed full of flavour.

Garden Cider Co, Chiddingfold, Surrey

Vintage Dry 6.0% DRY:
Traditional dry cider.

Harry’s Cider, Langport, Somerset

Haymaker 6.7% DRY:
A traditional dry cider that is unfiltered and matured for a minimum of 6 months. A blend that consists of bittersweet and bitter sharp apples making a beautifully balanced dry cider with a slight acidity followed by a clean dry aftertaste.

Rosie’s Cider, Llandegla, North Wales

Black Bart 7.2% MED/SWEET:
Subtle oak flavour from being part matured in oak barrels.

Snail’s Bank Cider, Worcester, Herefordshire

Very Perry 5.1% MED
A fruity medium Perry with a complex yet balanced flavor only found in real Perry. This little number is made from Stinking Bishop Perry pears and has all the hall marks of a top quality Perry. Very Perry was recently awarded Bronze in the CAMRA National Perry Awards.

Saxby’s Cider, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

Traditional 5.8% MED/DRY:
Possesses an easy drinking flavour which belies its 5.8% ABV. A long flavour with oaky notes and definitely very moreish!

Thistly Cross Cider, West Barns, East Lothian

Whisky Cask Cider 6.9% DRY:
Matured in Glen Moray whisky casks, this dry & subtle cider is infused with the mellow, vanilla oak of the cask. A refreshing, complex drink to be savoured.


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